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My role on the wiki

I'm LordBiro and I am a sysop on the wiki who's always willing to help :) If you post a message on my talk page I will try to get back to you. If I'm not about then other admins will usually see the message before me and try to help!

If you want to contact me about something that you feel is too sensitive to discuss on my talk page then you can send me a private email through the wiki.

I have an interest in the formatting of the wiki with an aim to keep it as useful to new and returning readers as possible, while keeping the wiki as professional as possible. I also love icons.


In the game

My main character is called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Lord Biro. He's a monk.

After being absent for some time due to computer problems, I am now playing Nightfall again as a dervish, Fae Raven.

I love PvE and PvP, but my PvP experience is limited because my friends are mostly PvE nuts. I don't personally see the thrill of playing through a campaign 7 times, but each to their own :)

My guild is House Of Kyan, modestly named after our illustrious leader, Kyan.


On the net

I maintain a blog at that doesn't really focus on anything except awesomery.

I have a flickr account where you can find photographs of my friends, family and various signposts from across Europe.

In real life

I'm a Computer Science graduate living in Edinburgh working for the Forestry Commission as a systems analyst/developer.

I have an interest in many things including technology, art, games, photography, literature, politics, religion... pretty much anything, really! :)



I love icons. I recently created a new set of profession icons based on the Tango style guidelines.

Warrior-tango-icon-20.png Ranger-tango-icon-20.png Monk-tango-icon-20.png Mesmer-tango-icon-20.png Elementalist-tango-icon-20.png Necromancer-tango-icon-20.png
Assassin-tango-icon-20.png Ritualist-tango-icon-20.png Dervish-tango-icon-20.png Paragon-tango-icon-20.png

I've contributed a few other icons as well :)

Tango-energy.png Tango-recharge.png Tango-activation.png Tango-upkeep.png Tango-sacrifice.png Tango-adrenaline.png File:Tango-exhaustion.png

Other games

I have a profound love for many games including:

  • Darwinia
  • Defcon
  • The Final Fantasy series, except Final Fantasy VIII (8) which I didn't enjoy (that's right, Auron)
  • Fortress Forever
  • Guitar Hero
  • Meteos
  • Portal
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Team Fortress Classic
  • We ♥ Katamari
  • Wii Sports

I have probably missed some crucial entries here, so expect this list to change :)

User boxes

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