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Hi - I'm Aiiane, one of the sysops of the Guild Wars Wiki.

  • My personal interests are mostly centered around making the wiki as intuitive and easy to use as possible, whether that comes to policy wording/organization, or helpful guides/tips.

My Articles

I've written a lot of forum posts - anyone who frequented the GWO forums knows that. Occasionally, however, I write more lengthy articles about various Guild Wars topics.

Assorted topics:

Other Recommended Reading

Although they don't directly fit into the Guild Wars Wiki, as there are slight differences and quirks between the two sites, the following articles on Wikipedia embody what I believe to be core concepts involved in a wiki:

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NPC This user is really just a Guild Wars NPC come to life.
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North American territory.
Blinding Flash.jpg Blinding Flash is Aiiane's favorite skill.

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