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45% Progress on new Guild Hall Purchase

User People of Antioch Fleur User Box Tru.jpg
Instruments Of Truth [Tru]
Instruments Of Truth [Tru]
Guild Instruments Of Truth cape.png
Territory America
Language English
Leader Beowulf Of Antioch
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members ~Nine
Guild Hall Isle of Solitude
VoIP Teamspeak
Forums Tru
Time zone PST

Part of the Protectors Of Tyria Kingdom Guild:Our Revolution Begins Guild:Gems Of Destiny alliance, we strive to give a full Guild Wars experience. We have existed since November 13, 2007. Looking for members to ascend to officers to help recruit.


Must be friendly and helpful! We are going to start to recruit in missions, rather than spamming the channels. We have a few rules.

  1. No personal attacks/ trashtalk. That is N00Bish, not to be confused newbies.
  2. No swearing in the alliance channel or guild channel. We don't want to see that.
  3. Help us out. Keep the faction up, and PARTICIPATE! Once we get going, we're going to be doing GvG and Heroes' Ascent.
  4. Keep active!
  5. Don't beg. It's annoying. Show some worth before asking us for stuff.
  6. Along with begging, don't beg to be an Officer. The requirements are steep, and few are chosen.

A good idea to becoming an Guild officer is by having conversations with me and the other Officers and making an account on the forum. Hint hint.

You get in? Come and get your Userbox to display proudly on your wiki page.

Guild Officer
  1. Must be active. If not, you're just taking up room.
  2. Obeys all of the member rules.
  3. Will not kick anyone from the Guild without consulting the Guild Leader first.
  4. Make an attempt to recruit members who can uphold the baseline rules.
  5. Requested to make an account on the forum.


The kind and generous Glorious God from the Protectors Of Tyria Kingdom and Baron, the leader of PTK.

Glorious God‎

Celestial Sigil.png Guild Hall Services

Services Added
Platinum.png Xunlai Agent Yes
Green Dye.png Dye Trader Yes
Wood Plank.png Crafting Material Trader No
Jadeite Shard.png Rare Material Trader No
Rune Vigor Sup.png Rune Trader Yes
Passage Scroll.png Scroll Trader Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Skill Trainer Yes
Flame of Balthazar.png Priest of Balthazar Yes
Identification Kit.png Merchant Yes
Guildwiki-icon-small.png Weaponsmith Yes
User People of Antioch sig.png Guild Emblemer Yes
Celestial Sigil.png Canthan Ambassador Yes
Snowman Summoner.png Festival Hat Keeper Yes

Gems Of Destiny Alliance
Leader Gems Of Destiny
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