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Guild Coke Mule Immigrants horse.png
Coke Mule Immigrants [CMI]
Coke Mule Immigrants [CMI]
Guild Coke Mule Immigrants cape.png
Territory America
Language English
Leader The Great Leper
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members 17
Guild Hall Frozen Isle

Founded on May 14, 2005, the Coke Mule Immigrants is a small guild of friends who play together whenever possible.

Guild Coke Mule Immigrants horse.png

Most of our recruitment occurs as we group with new players and discover personalities that fit. No spam recruitment is allowed. We are primarily active in PvE, and as such, there are no faction farming requirements that come with guild membership. Also, we have no activity requirements; members log on and play whenever is convenient for them.

Guild Coke Mule Immigrants horse.png
Contact information

If you are interested in joining our guild, feel free to contact any of our active officers in-game (which are pretty much all active guild members).

Guild Coke Mule Immigrants horse.png
Guild Hall

Guild Coke Mule Immigrants Uncharted1.png
Frozen Isle
Services Added Costs
Xunlai Agent icon.png Xunlai Agent Yes 10Platinum
Dye Trader icon.png Dye Trader No 50Platinum
Material Trader icon.png Material Trader No 100Platinum
Rare Material Trader icon.png Rare Material Trader No 100Platinum
Rune Trader icon.png Rune Trader Yes 25Platinum
Scroll Trader icon.png Scroll Trader No 50Platinum
Skill Trainer icon.png Skill Trainer No 100Platinum
Priest of Balthazar icon.png Priest of Balthazar No 10Platinum
Merchant icon.png Merchant Yes 25Platinum
Weaponsmith icon.png Weaponsmith No 10Platinum
Guild Emblemer icon.png Guild Emblemer No 10Platinum
Canthan Ambassador icon.png Canthan Ambassador No 10Platinum
Festival Hat Keeper icon.png Festival Hat Keeper No 10Platinum

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Leader Gems Of Destiny
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