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Guild The Swyft Clan emblem.png
The Swyft Clan [SwCl]
The Swyft Clan [SwCl]
Guild The Swyft Clan cape.png
Language English
Faction Luxon
Type RP
No. of members <10
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone GMT

"The Swyft Clan [SwCl]" is an original lore-based Role Playing Guild, allied now with the Gems of Destiny [GOD]. Entrance is only granted upon In Character interaction with either Rowan or Freya over a long-term basis.

Guild The Swyft Clan emblem.png
Clan History and Sociology

The Swyft Clan was founded in Tyria's infancy, when the human species was still new. Often rugged in appearance and awkward in social situations, original members are speculated to be descendants of the "Clan Race", but such reports are unconfirmed.

They originated in the Northern Lands above Ascalon as a simple nomadic tribe, moving suddenly to the east as Rin and Ascalon City began to grow. There, in the untamed wilds the clan founded itself in earnest.

The first permanent houses built by the clan were one room wood and mud huts, graduating into small stone hovels. Tree houses became popular with clan Betas for their value as a look-out posts.

Since the founding, The Swyft Clan identifies itself with Beastmastery and the taming of animal companions. This, some historians claim, is proof of their "Wild Race" heritage.

Guild The Swyft Clan emblem.png
More on "Clan Race"

(the below is original lore but not necessarily non-canon. While this race speculation is never mentioned in the game, it is not outrightly denied or challenged. This is artistic license in action)

Through the help of Melandru, the human species split early on the evolutionary chain into two breeds: Homo-sapien-sapien, and Homo-sapien-torvus, the latter eventually earning the name "Clan" or "Wild Race". This second breed is known to be more animalistic in behaviour, having an enhanced sense of empathy towards other living things. The perfect rangers and beastmasters, though they find themselves fumbling in their more developed cousin's social orders. They are known to be clumsy, sometimes slow-witted, and often colour blind.

Today, the Clan Race has long been forgotten. Those that belong to the sister species are usually totally unaware.

In the case of the current Swyfties, Rowan is the only known original staking claim to the Clan and carrying it on. Her Dynasty marks the first cross breeding between torvus and sapien in hundreds of years.

Guild The Swyft Clan emblem.png
Recent History

(This portion of storyline is where the role play began with the current characters)

Rowan Swyft, then 18, ventured from the clan's old lands into the wider world on her own terms. She was, at that time, being raised to be a skilled suitor the vying contestants for dominance in the clan, and frankly was repulsed by the idea. She reasoned that her time had not come to marry, that she would grow out of her childish fears when she could learn first to look after herself; and so she beseeched her parents to allow her a year's venture westward. She was innately curious; and with her companion wolf by her side set out to follow her nose into Ascalon. It did not take long for her to realize, once there, that what she thought was "fear" was indeed very different.

Freya Siberia was in a similar predicament, at 16 years old. Her parents, overbearingly protective, intended her to learn the ways of a healer, and stay thusly cloistered and protected for the rest of her life. Freya had none of it, yearning to follow the wild and wandering ways of Melandru, finding moments of total clarity out in the woods rather than stuffed into the monestaries and academies.

When they met on a patch of green in the middle of the city's hustle and bustle, it was that terrible cliche of love at first sight. Perhaps not love, just then, but something so close they could pretend it into reality. They spent many weeks meeting in the fields around Ascalon city, never in great secrecy, right up until the last days before the Searing. They were roped into the army, all hands on the Wall. Forced to part after a hurried proposal of marriage by Rowan, they were sent to two different fronts as fire and brimstone rained upon Ascalon...

Three years on, and the pair crossed paths by chance once again in the middle of the ash and rubble of Old Ascalon. Now without family (for Rowan is still sure that Clan Lands to the east perished alongside Ascalon) They travelled the length and breadth of Tyria, as many Ascalonian's had before them. They never forgot their promise to each other, and consecrated their vows in the Henge of Denravi amongst close friends and their few living relatives.

Now, Rowan heads a new Swyft Clan, devised of her wife and sister in law, their children, and friends so close they might as well be family. They have bonded exceptionally with the Norn, and as such have made their homestead in the Far Shiverpeaks.

Guild The Swyft Clan emblem.png
Current Heirarchy

Clan Head: Rowan Swyft
And her Wife: Freya Swyft
First Born Daugter: Reagan Swyft
Second Born Twins: "'[Name F] and [Name M]'"
Beta: Alexa Siberia
Den Mother: Zoe Tigre
Mid Rank: Scotia of Ascalon, Fiona Tigre

Gems Of Destiny Alliance
Leader Gems Of Destiny
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