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Miniature Aatxe.png Aatxe No   Miniature Dhuum.png Dhuum No   Miniature King Adelbern.png King Adelbern No   Miniature Quetzal Sly.png Quetzal Sly No
Miniature Abomination.png Abomination No   Miniature Dredge Brute.png Dredge Brute No   Miniature Kirin.png Kirin No   Miniature Raptor.png Raptor No
Miniature Abyssal.png Abyssal No   Miniature Ecclesiate Xun Rao.png Ecclesiate Xun Rao No   Miniature Krait Neoss.png Krait Neoss No   Miniature Rift Warden.png Rift Warden No
Miniature Asura.png Asura No   Miniature Elf.png Elf No   Miniature Koss.png Koss No   Miniature Roaring Ether.png Roaring Ether No
Miniature Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh.png Black Beast of
No   Miniature Evennia.png Evennia No   Miniature Kuunavang.png Kuunavang No   Miniature Scourge Manta.png Scourge Manta No
Black Moa Chick.png Black Moa Chick No   Miniature Eye of Janthir.png Eye of Janthir No   Miniature Kveldulf.png Kveldulf No   Miniature Seer.png Seer No
Miniature Bone Dragon.png Bone Dragon No   Miniature Fire Drake.png Fire Drake No   Miniature Legionnaire.png Legionnaire No   Miniature Shard Wolf.png Shard Wolf No
Brown Rabbit (miniature).png Brown Rabbit No   Miniature Fire Imp.png Fire Imp No   Miniature Lich.png Lich No   Miniature Shiro.png Shiro Tagachi No
Miniature Burning Titan.png Burning Titan No   Miniature Flame Djinn.png Flame Djinn No   Miniature Livia.png Livia No   Miniature Shiro'ken Assassin.png Shiro'ken Assassin No
Miniature Candysmith Marley.png Candysmith Marley No   Miniature Flowstone Elemental.png Flowstone Elemental No   Miniature Longhair Yeti.png Longhair Yeti No   Miniature Siege Devourer.png Siege Devourer No
Miniature Cave Spider.png Cave Spider No   Miniature Forest Minotaur.png Forest Minotaur No   Miniature Mad King Thorn.png Mad King Thorn No   Miniature Siege Turtle.png Siege Turtle No
Miniature Celestial Dog.png Celestial Dog No   Miniature Freezie.png Freezie No   Miniature Mad King's Guard.png Mad King's Guard No   Miniature Smite Crawler.png Smite Crawler No
Miniature Celestial Dragon.png Celestial Dragon No   Miniature Fungal Wallow.png Fungal Wallow No   Miniature Mallyx.png Mallyx No   Miniature Summit Giant Herder.png Stone Summit
Giant Herder
Miniature Celestial Horse.png Celestial Horse No   Miniature Ghostly Hero.png Ghostly Hero No   Miniature Mandragor Imp.png Mandragor Imp No   Miniature Temple Guardian.png Temple Guardian No
Miniature Celestial Monkey.png Celestial Monkey No   Miniature Ghostly Priest.png Ghostly Priest No   Miniature Minister Reiko.png Minister Reiko No   Miniature Terrorweb Dryder.png Terrorweb Dryder No
Miniature Celestial Ox.png Celestial Ox No   Miniature Grawl.png Grawl No   Miniature M.O.X..png M.O.X. No   The Frog (miniature).png The Frog No
Miniature Celestial Pig.png Celestial Pig No   Miniature Gray Giant.png Gray Giant No   Miniature Mursaat.png Mursaat No   The Frog (Halloween).png The Frog (Halloween) No
Miniature Celestial Rabbit.png Celestial Rabbit No   Miniature Greased Lightning.png Greased Lightning No   Miniature Naga Raincaller.png Naga Raincaller No   The Frog (Wintersday).png The Frog (Wintersday) No
Miniature Celestial Rat.png Celestial Rat No   Miniature Guild Lord.png Guild Lord No   Miniature Necrid Horseman.png Necrid Horseman No   Miniature Thorn Wolf.png Thorn Wolf No
Miniature Celestial Rooster.png Celestial Rooster No   Miniature Gwen.png Gwen No   Miniature Nian.png Nian No   Miniature Varesh.png Varesh No
Miniature Celestial Sheep.png Celestial Sheep No   Gwen Doll.png Gwen Doll No   Miniature Nornbear.png Nornbear No   Miniature Ventari.png Ventari No
Miniature Celestial Snake.png Celestial Snake No   Miniature Harpy Ranger.png Harpy Ranger No   Miniature Oni.png Oni No   Miniature Vizu.png Vizu No
Miniature Celestial Tiger.png Celestial Tiger No   Miniature Heket Warrior.png Heket Warrior No   Miniature Oola.png Oola No   Miniature Water Djinn.png Water Djinn No
Miniature Ceratadon.png Ceratadon No   Miniature High Priest Zhang.png High Priest Zhang No   Miniature Ooze.png Ooze No   Miniature Whiptail Devourer.png Whiptail Devourer No
Miniature Charr Shaman.png Charr Shaman No   Miniature Hydra.png Hydra No   Miniature Ophil Nahualli.png Ophil Nahualli No   White Rabbit.png White Rabbit No
Miniature Cloudtouched Simian.png Cloudtouched
No   Miniature Irukandji.png Irukandji No   Miniature Palawa Joko.png Palawa Joko No   Miniature Wind Rider.png Wind Rider No
Miniature Cobalt Scabara.png Cobalt Scabara No   Miniature Island Guardian.png Island Guardian No   Miniature Panda.png Panda No   Miniature Word of Madness.png Word of Madness No
Miniature Confessor Dorian.png Confessor Dorian No   Miniature Jade Armor.png Jade Armor No   Miniature Peacekeeper Enforcer.png Peacekeeper Enforcer No   Miniature World-Famous Racing Beetle.png World-Famous Racing Beetle No
Miniature Confessor Isaiah.png Confessor Isaiah No   Miniature Jora.png Jora No   Miniature Pig.png Pig No   Miniature Yakkington.png Yakkington No
Miniature Dagnar Stonepate.png Dagnar Stonepate No   Miniature Juggernaut.png Juggernaut No   Miniature Polar Bear.png Polar Bear No   Miniature Zhed Shadowhoof.png Zhed No
Miniature Desert Griffon.png Desert Griffon No   Miniature Jungle Troll.png Jungle Troll No   Miniature Prince Rurik.png Rurik No   Miniature Zhu Hanuku.png Zhu Hanuku No
Miniature Destroyer of Flesh.png Destroyer of Flesh No   Miniature Kanaxai.png Kanaxai No   Miniature Princess Salma.png Princess Salma No        

Usage notes:

| background = 
| border = 
| title text =
| Aatxe = no
| Abomination = no
| Abyssal = no
| Adelbern = no
| Asura = no
| Black Beast = no
| Bone Dragon = no
| Brown Rabbit = no
| Candysmith = no
| Celestial Dog = no
| Celestial Dragon = no
| Celestial Horse = no
| Celestial Monkey = no
| Celestial Ox = no
| Celestial Pig = no
| Celestial Rabbit = no
| Celestial Rat = no
| Celestial Rooster = no
| Celestial Sheep = no
| Celestial Snake = no
| Celestial Tiger = no
| Ceratadon = no
| Charr Shaman = no
| Cloudtouched Simian = no
| Cobalt = no
| Dagnar = no
| Destroyer = no
| Dhuum = no
| Djinn = no
| Dorian = no
| Drake = no
| Dredge = no
| Dryder = no
| Elf = no
| Enforcer = no
| Evennia = no
| Eye = no
| Flame Djinn = no
| Flowstone = no
| Freezie = no
| Frog = no
| The Frog (Halloween) = no
| The Frog (Wintersday) = no
| Fungal Wallow = no
| Ghostly Hero = no
| Ghostly Priest = no
| Giant Herder = no
| Gray Giant = no
| Grawl = no
| Greased Lightning = no
| Griffon = no
| Guard = no
| Guild Lord = no
| Gwen = no
| Gwen doll = no
| Harpy = no
| Heket = no
| High Priest Zhang = no
| Hydra = no
| Imp = no
| Irukandji = no
| Isaiah = no
| Island Guardian = no
| Jade Armor = no
| Jora = no
| Juggernaut = no
| Jungle Troll = no
| Kanaxai = no
| Kirin = no
| Koss = no
| Krait = no
| Kuunavang = no
| Kveldulf = no
| Legionnaire = no
| Lich = no
| Livia = no
| Mad King Thorn = no
| Mallyx = no
| Mandragor = no
| Manta = no
| Minister Reiko = no
| Minotaur = no
| Moa = no
| M.O.X. = no
| Mursaat = no
| Naga = no
| Necrid Horseman = no
| Nian = no
| Nornbear = no
| Oni = no
| Oola = no
| Ooze = no
| Ophil = no
| Palawa Joko = no
| Panda = no
| Pig = no
| Polar Bear = no
| Quetzal = no
| Rabbit = no
| Raptor = no
| Rift Warden = no
| Roaring Ether = no
| Rurik = no
| Salma = no
| Seer = no
| Shard Wolf = no
| Shiro = no
| Shiro'ken Assassin = no
| Siege Devourer = no
| Siege Turtle = no
| Smite Crawler = no
| Spider = no
| Temple Guardian = no
| Titan = no
| Thorn Wolf = no
| Varesh = no
| Ventari = no
| Vizu = no
| Whiptail = no
| Wind Rider = no
| Word of Madness = no
| World-Famous Racing Beetle = no
| Xun Rao = no
| Yakkington = no
| Yeti = no
| Zhed = no
| Zhu = no

Simply replace "No" with "yes" on any that you already have and
choose the color for your table and title text

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