Mandragor Imp

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Mandragor Imp
Mandragor Imp.jpg
Affiliation Kourna wildlife
Type Mandragor
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 3 (22),
8 (24),
12 (24),
22 (26)
Campaign Nightfall

Mandragor Imps are necromancers that accompany other Mandragors. They are mostly found in mandragor groups that suddenly popup as you approach them. In Kourna, some of them are always visible, but as you approach, other mandragors will popup.




Istan, level 3 (22)[edit]

Istan, level 8 (24)[edit]

Istan, level 12 (24)[edit]

11 Blood Magic (20 Blood Magic in hard mode)


15 Blood Magic, 11 Soul Reaping

Armor ratings[edit]


Armor ratings at level 22
Blunt damage 66 Piercing damage 66 Slashing damage 66
Cold damage 66 Earth damage 66 Fire damage 66 Lightning damage 66

Items dropped[edit]