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My Characters

Mesmer.png Karina

Monk.png Tesla

Ranger.png Lynn

Warrior.png Andrea

Monk.png Kagura

Mesmer.png Ally

Necromancer.png Tesla

Elementalist.png Tesla

About Me

I love music and helping people. Weather that is by simply playing good music or being a person who will listen to them or even by doing a mission with them in guild wars, I love helping. So I was a dj for almost 3 years and did my best to give back to the community as much as possible. ^_^ I have worked at Blade Radio as a Dj and so much more. They do a lot of in game and real life give aways. I've been playing games (beta testing & playing once they were released), since I was about 5 years old. Now before I forget I know that many people ask me how old I am, so I am 22 years old and turning 23 in October. I competed for Miss Colorado State Title in 2010. From October 1st, 2011 till April 1st, 2013, I was a wiki manager for Curse. I am the CEO of Blade Radio. On June 5th, 2011, I started a group called Girls of Starcraft (GoSc), which is currently the largest girls only group in all of starcraft. GoSc is not just exclusive to Starcraft though. It is a girl's only group, aimed to support all girl gamers, regardless of game. GoSc actually stands for "Girls of Strategic co-opt gaming".

Some of My Friends

Miniature Bone Dragon.pngMal

Miniature Celestial Rat.pngWyn

Miniature Varesh.pngAzhure

Miniature Raptor.pngArc

Miniature Panda.pngWasabi

The Frog (miniature).pngGaile

Miniature Mad King Thorn.pngAndrew


Miniature Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh.pngQueido

Miniature Ooze.pngLc

Miniature Kanaxai.pngDon

Miniature Asura.pngRikku

Miniature Roaring Ether.pngBilly

Black Moa Chick.pngSP

Miniature Kirin.png Linsey

Brown Rabbit (miniature).png Padre

Guild Wars

I have been playing Guild Wars for a bit over 2 years. The first character that I started playing on Guild Wars was a Mesmer/Elementalist, her name is Karina Ling. I ended up play Karina Ling hard core. I learned the different mesmer skills and how quickly you need to cast them. Shortly after beating Prophecies, I got EoTn (Eye of The North -- Gwen), then Factions and Nightfall. I am a big PvX player though I love doing both PvP & PvE. My 2 main characters are level 20. Karina Ling (Mes/Ele), who has all classes unlocked & has her 3 sets of elite armor. I am able to play my pretty mesmer, decently, in PvE, Ab, and HA. My 2nd main character is my Dj character, Dj Tesla. She is a level 20 as well. Dj Tesla is normally a (Monk/Mes), because I do a lot of COF (Cathedral of Flames) runs. Most of my other characters are PvP characters and storage. I am currently working on trying to get KoABD (Kind of A Big Deal) on Dj Tesla. She has 2 max titles already (Protector of Elona & Protector of Cantha); I am currently working on Maxing her Sunspear (r9 - need about 45k for r10) title. Once I max her Sunspear title, Dj Tesla will have Kind of a Big Deal r1. I'd have to say my two favorite classes to play are mesmer and monk. I'd also like to say how amazed and honored I am, that Arena net went and named an npc after me. I know I've had tons of people congratulate me and I have tried to thank everyone as they do...but I wanted to quickly take a second and thank the people that work on the game. They put so much work into it. So I just want to say thank you to all of them...not only for making the game, working on the game, but also for just everything...for giving people like me the ability to give back to the community in such a fun way. So thank you everyone at Arena net, Nc soft, the players of Guild wars, my listeners, my friends and my family. Without all of you and without the combination they have been, I would not be the exact same person I am today. So once again, thank you.

Karina Ling's Birthday (My first character) - July 22 :)

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Zealots Of Shiverpeak.


Much to my surprise, anet made an npc named after me during the 4th year birthday celebration.

Canthan trader f red.jpg

She's sooo awesome. ^^ <3 This is my thank you to anet for doing something so cool. Thanks again guys!

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If you'd like to show your support by the use of a user box, I made one. Here is what it looks like

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Helpful Links

Alright so I know that there are quite a few people who are new to wiki and don't know how to find some of the questions to their answers, so I hope these few links will help. ^_^

Arena Net Portal Support FAQs
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In-game Talk The Scribe
User Birthdays ^_^ Blade Radio's Wiki Page
Contact Me

You can reach me through my talk page on this wiki.

You can email me at:


Email Tesla Through Wiki

You can also reach me in game: Dj Tesla

Other sites you can contact me on:

Youtube: DjTeslaonBladeRadio

Myspace: Myspace

Facebook: Username: Teslachu :)

Guild Wars Guru: My Guru account

DNA Gamer: My Dna gamer account

Gaia online: Username Dj Tesla

Blade Radio's Myspace: Official Blade Radio Myspace Which I need to update more XD

Dj Tesla [ZoS]