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The joke that is Guild Wars Wiki[edit]

I just want to know if the "administration" and/or "prominent" editors here know how Guild Wars Wiki is viewed from the outside? Ask most that know of the politics of this wiki and they will tell you that it is nothing more than a joke. While taking several steps back from wiki politics, I have spoken with many people and gathered many opinions about the overall status of this place. Majority come to the conclusion that it is a joke... but, I repeat my previous statements. This place is filled with trolls, cliques, and bad sysops. Despite my apparent "absence" from Guild Wars Wiki, I keep with the times... every hot political discussion that has happened since June 2009 (the beginning of my infamous 7 month break from the internet) I have had my eyes on, just to see how things develop. I, and many others, have watched this place rot from a respectable information base to a bureaucratic piece of troll bait. I have also witnessed several once respectable editors turn to trolling because, well, they just say fuck it. Many try to get a footing here and most are cast out by the clique like hierarchy that is Guild Wars Wiki's userbase, with such conditions many turn to trolling. Most turn to it to press the limits, see how far they can go with trolling without getting banned, just to see how fucked up this place has become. I'm not saying this is appropriate behavior, but it is what most of the trolls you see have done. I know for a fact that many of the Guild Wars Wiki trolls have the capability of being respectable editors and often times once were. I also know that the environment has turned many would-be prominent, respectable editors, away from contributing to the wiki's content and rule structure all together. Though the wiki began to inch in the right direction when Pling resigned from his administrative duties. Don't misunderstand, Pling is an excellent contributor and is very useful to keep this wiki running. I do not agree that he was a good sysop. Sure, he got the job done and did much banning/deleting, what have you; but despite his constant plea for others to not let their emotions/opinions get in the way, he often did this himself. I think he is much more suited to being a political contributor rather than a sysop, and he is showing that it works well for him. Starting his Pruning discussion was proof that his resignation was the correct decision; and while I may not agree with every single point he makes, he started the discussion which is a big leap in fixing this place up. EDIT:Turns out it has ended up causing more drama than what I thought it would, could have been handled better. But I digress. Something needs to be done, but don't be stupid about it. You should consider every opinion, comment, and even de-railing troll post that is involved in said discussion. Also, think about attempting to eliminate this clique like atmosphere. As I said, it makes many good contributors shy away from getting involved.


Can I just say, spring cleaning? All sysops need to be reevaluated at this point (if they haven't already). Here is what to look for:

  • The Wyn's -- While I adore Wyn as a person and as a friend, I never truly agreed with how she handled things near the end of her being a sysop. She turned hostile towards many users and began to troll. Some of Wyn's actions were extremely unacceptable and had she done those things on a wiki on which I am a bureaucrat, there would have been no discussions or debate about it. With the evidence presented, she would have been demoted. I also think that many underhanded tactics were used to force Wyn into resignation, such as the IRC log which should have been thrown out, imho. Truth is though, she did nothing that Auron has never done.
  • The Auron's -- Most know that I'm no Auron fangurl, but that not what this is about. Auron has experience and has the capability of being a wonderful administrator. For the most part, he doesn't let his emotions get in the way of his sysop duties. To put it simply, Auron is a self proclaimed troll and he has proven that he is in fact a troll time and time again, has he not? Now I'm not claiming he is "king of the trolls", as someone who I can't remember the name of put it, but that he does not act appropriately for what this community has shaped an administrator to be like. All I can say is that if some sort of anti troll policy/guideline is implemented, Auron should be held accountable just as much as I, Armond, or anyone else would.
  • The Pling's -- Made my points above.

Just relax already![edit]

This is a wiki, its not that serious! RELAX!


Many view this wiki as a joke. Use common sense. Work on getting rid of the clique type atmosphere. Reevaluate all sysops; look for aggression/hostility, trolling, and/or bias. Every user should be treated equally when it comes to policy. RELAX, it is just a wiki and a hobby.

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Contradictions are fun.