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Issue at hand[edit]

Wynthyst's general behavior is aggressive, too confrontational and disruptive. She has failed to listen to several people telling her this in different ways.

Some examples:

  • User_talk:Elric_Coy#Don.27t_give_up - She admitted to making the striked through comment on purpose (the comment was not struck through after the comment was made, it was struck through when she was writing the comment, so clearly she knew that comment would be insulting (and she also said it was meant as an insult). She apologized for this, however.
  • In this IRC log, she admits to trolling Lacky "<Wyn> we trolled him pretty hard that night", and being a bitch to him because that's what she'd rather be that night: "<Wyn> tonight, I'd much rather be a bitch". Also: "[04:25:00] <Wyn> lol I don't really care tonight... I'm in a mood to fight, and Lacky is on my last nerve."
  • Admin noticeboard - Responding very aggressively when Lacky was merely trying to help. The message comes across as "shut the fuck up and get the fuck out".

Decision about accepting the case for arbitration[edit]

The case for or against acceptance is on the discussion page.

  • Accept: While her recent actions may have been the trigger for this request, Wyn's demeanor has been at issue for quite some time, particularly in relation to her status as a sysop. Interventions, including her recent reconfirmation, have proven self-evidently ineffective, and in light of the recent wiki-drama, sysop intervention (i.e. blocking) is clearly out of the question. Although ArbComm is not the quickest means of resolution, nor the cleanest, I believe that it is the only remaining option that has a chance of actually laying the matter to rest. — Defiant Elements +talk 00:08, 29 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Accept: This is not something I want to see crop up every couple of months and I suspect it has not been resolved to anyone's satisfaction to date. I want to open discussion on this in a meaningful way, at the minimum I am hoping that it will allow Wynthyst's actions and everyone elses responses to be discussed in an objective way, which may be a tall order on the internet. I do not feel that an answer is obvious here and after all of my reading and thinking I have to say I have no idea what we could hope to achieve with this, which is exactly why I think it should be opened. When we have no idea what we can do about a problem, arbitration seems a like a good way to go. If nothing else we may be able to act as mediators. Misery 21:51, 6 January 2010 (UTC)
  • I'd kinda thought I'd done this like 2 weeks ago, but: Accept. While I personally believe the most recent incident that triggered this request got blown ridiculously out of proportion, I agree that there is an ongoing underlying issue that ArbComm is best-suited to handle. - Tanetris 23:36, 24 January 2010 (UTC)

Arbcomm statement[edit]

Due to Wynthyst's resignation and the withdrawl of Tanetris and Defiant Elements from the case, this case was closed without any official rulings being made.