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About me +

Born and raised in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, I dropped everything to move west in June of 2005 seeking fame and fortune in the game industry...well not so much fame and fortune, but more like a job that I could be actually passionate about. Best thing I've ever done.

My hovercraft is full of eels.

I am a Spearwoman. 치 The Spearmen 치 [치치치치]

Thank you for the offers, but I am not accepting any guild invites. I've been in The Spearmen for a long time and I'm quite content there.
Contacting me+

You can add me in game as Linsey Murdock, I always keep a character with that name. Unless I'm super busy, I'm usually up for chatting a bit so don't be afraid to say "hi!". I promise I won't bite, but I do have a couple little rules...

  • I don't work on Guild Wars any more and therefore have no information about coming updates no matter how nicely you ask.
  • While I do still work at ArenaNet, I am not going to try to "influence" the Live Team on your behalf. If you have important feedback or suggestions to give, please see a current member of the Live Team or a Community Manager, not me.
  • I cannot, and will not, tell you anything about GW2 or my new position at ArenaNet.
  • Please do not report bugs to me in-game. Post bug reports on Mike Z's various bug reporting pages. This way our QA department can get the bug into our system and it will have a much higher chance of getting fixed.
  • Any support issues should be directed to the appropriate page on the Guild Wars site or Gaile's talk. I can't help you with that stuff.
  • All community type questions should be directed to Stéphane's talk.
  • No I can't generate fat lootz for you, so don't bother asking.
  • Now-a-days, I really only log in to play the game, so if you are having trouble holding a conversation with me, it's likely because I am killing stuff or stepped away from my computer.
My Work+

My official title at ArenaNet is Game Designer. I started out working on Guild Wars at the tail end of development on Factions as a quest designer and spawner. I continued in that role through Nightfall, EotN and the BMP. Then I went to work on GW2 events for about a year while continuing to do projects for GW1 on the side. In May 2008 I was tapped to head up the newly formed Guild Wars Live Team which I did for 2 years. Now I'm back on GW2, working on the Story Team.

Here are some examples of quests I made during full-production on Guild Wars:

Double Dog Dare Money on the Side Loyal 'til the End
A Leap of Faith What Do You Do with a Drunken Shauben? Desperate Measures
A Ghostly Request A Message Home Family Soul
Herds to the Slaughter A Tasty Morsel Destructive Research
The Great Norn Alemoot Bear Club for Men Bear Club for Women
O Brave New World Attack on Jalis's Camp In the Service of Revenge
The Destroyer Challenge Be Very, Very Quiet... Plan A
Forbidden Fruit Prenuptial Disagreement
Single Ugly Grawl Seeks Same for Mindless Destruction in Ascalon

These are the explorables I wholly designed and spawned:
Drakkar Lake, Varajar Fells, Sacnoth Valley and Arbor Bay

Other stuff I worked on during full-production:
Balance in the Norn Fighting Tournament
Vael and his random behavior
The Black Moa Chick scavenger hunt
Henchmen Scenes in outposts
The initial initial design for Frostmaw's Burrows and Cathedral of Flame
Perfect Salvage Kits
Oggy the Small-eared Asura

Some of the stuff I did as Live Team Lead Designer:
Designed the Zaishen Challenge Quest System and all of its rewards
Nicholas Sandford and Nicholas the Traveler
UI design for the Stylist
lots more stuff when I get around to adding to this list...

My baby+

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