Bear Club for Men

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Bear Club for Men
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Olrun Olafdottir
in Varajar Fells
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by The Great Norn Alemoot
Followed by Prenuptial Disagreement (male)
Type Secondary quest
(Solo Quest)
Disambig icon.png This article is about the male version of the quest. For the female version, see Bear Club for Women.

Olrun is angered after being defeated in the The Great Norn Alemoot and challenges you to defeat a Rabid Bear armed only with a club.

Quest Information[edit]





You get a hammer to kill the bear with:

Although you are given a bear club, you only have to be wielding it when the bear dies for the quest to be considered successfully completed. This means that you can fight the bear normally using other weapons and switch to the club for the killing blow.

Hammer attacks can be used when the club is equipped.

Certain shadow step skills (such as Viper's Defense, Return, Ebon Escape) can teleport you outside the ring, while the bear remains stuck inside. Once outside, you can use ranged skills to kill the bear at your leisure without fear of death. Consider bringing 1-2 interrupts to stop Troll Unguent. Rangers using bowskills will find this approach useful, especially when using Degeneration skills such as Apply Poison, Burning Arrow, and Screaming Shot, the only requirement is that you switch to the Club of a Thousand Bears (weapon) before the bear dies. Occasionally, the bear can also escape the ring when you shadow step outside. Circling the ring, he may become stuck on the norn guarding the ring's entrance.

The three elite Norn blessings, Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support, the four Asura Summons and Vampirism are also particularly effective. As your pet won't be hampered by the club, beast mastery is an easy way to win. Or try a build including Life Transfer, Insidious Parasite, Vampiric Gaze, Life Siphon, Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support and Ear Bite. It should die within 2 minutes.

For professions without blocking or blinding skills, a combination of Signet of Spirits, Pain, Vampirism, Bloodsong, Shadowsong, and Painful Bond kills the bear quickly. The spirits can be placed outside the open area where you enter the arena, and will immediately attack when the bear becomes hostile (blinding him and protecting you). Placed correctly, the spirits can hit the bear and the bear cannot hit them. Having rank 12 in channeling makes channeling spirits strong enough to survive his attacks. Combine this with a shadow steps to bring yourself out of the circle makes this fight very easy.

One fast way to do this quest is using Signet of Midnight, Spirit of Failure and some degen mesmer skills including Cry of Pain. The bear will only hit you about 2 times in one fight.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Olrun Olafdottir

"Sure, you have bested me at drinking games... but can you handle a rabid bear? Hahahaha! You should see the look on your face, <Player name>. Oh, don't cry. Take a knee and listen to my tale."
"In my youth, I stumbled upon a vicious bear roaming the trails, foaming at the mouth and with murder in its eyes! Did I run and cry like a cub? No! I tussled with that hairy beast using nothing but my trusty club and cunning wit... and it took a few months for my hair to grow back, but that's beside the point. I challenge you to match my feats. Do you have the iron guts necessary to take down a grizzly, fearsome beast?"
Yes Accept: "Gimme that club."
No Decline: "I just had my hair done."
Ask Ask: "You will be moved from your party to duel the bear alone. Are you ready?"
YesI was born ready. (moved to quest map zone)
NoI need time to prepare.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Olrun Olafdottir

"I expected to find your remains in the bear's gullet, but here you are smelling like a rose. Well, a sweaty rose. I guess that bear put up a fight!"
"We are alike you and I. Our deeds are known far and wide. We're tough fighters and swell lookers. There is no one else for me but you. It was fate that brought you here. Together, we will keep the family name alive! Speaking of names, <player name> is such a silly, feminine name. You need a good, strong Norn identity. We shall get you one once you join the Olafson clan."


  • Female characters receive the quest Bear Club for Women instead of this quest which is given by the smitten Olaf Olafson inside the Olafstead.
  • This quest has a special map zone it shares with the female version. This map zone is named Varajar Fells, but is not the same as the explorable area.
  • You can use any weapon to beat on the bear, only the finishing blow must be with the Club of a Thousand Bears equipped. Degeneration and interrupting the bear's Troll Unguent work, as does spirits and traps. Using the Ursan Blessing elite skill can be effective.
  • When resigning in the mission area you will not die, after the timer runs out you will be transported back to Olrun Olafdottir in Varajar Fells but you will be alone without your party members if you had any to begin with.
  • It is possible by shadow stepping past the Norn Guards to explore Varajar Fells and reveal additional parts of the map by walking through the inactive portals to Battledepths, Raven's Point and Verdant Cascades. However, the map is populated with foes, so be prepared to deal with them or run past them.
  • Quest can glitch making the bear un-killable even when the Bear club is equipped the entire fight.


  • The name of this quest is a pun on the Hair Club for Men, the most infamous company in the hair restoration business.