Prenuptial Disagreement (male)

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Prenuptial Disagreement
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Olrun Olafdottir
in Varajar Fells
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Bear Club for Men
Type Secondary quest
Ssissth the Leviathan map.jpg
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Disambig icon.png This article is about the male version of the quest. For the female version, see Prenuptial Disagreement (female).

Prevent unwanted marriage by proving to Olrun that you are more than her equal.

Quest information[edit]




Travel to the northeastern corner of Jaga Moraine to find the bottomless pit, and defeat Ssissth the Leviathan.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Olrun Olafdottir
It is Norn custom that only equals may marry. I didn't think it possible, but through all your feats and heroics you've proven yourself worthy of my hand, despite your lowly human nature. Come, let us plan our wedding night. Hold my hand, dearest. My cold, leathery, imposing hand. Yes, the mountain winds take their toll on dry skin. I could use some lotion. Be a peach and rub some into my skin. And while you are at it, grab that cheese grater and get to work on my bunions. My feet are killing me....
"After we are wed, we shall hunt the leviathan together as equals. If left to your own devices, I have no doubt you'd slay the beast yourself, you glory hound! I can't let you eclipse my renown, lest you go off and marry someone of greater fame.
Yes Accept: "A leviathan, eh?"
No Decline: "Shall I shave your back next?"
Ask Ask: "Once you and I are married we can find that blasted leviathan and kill it together. I hope nobody beats us to it..."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Olrun Olafdottir
What? You... you have defeated the leviathan? My mother's killer? This cannot be! An outrage! That task was to be ours! Because of your insatiable hunger for glory, your reputation eclipses mine. Now I am doomed to a life of shame... and loneliness! I cannot be seen with you, much less marry you. Leave my sight so I may weep in peace. And to think I let you touch my feet with those tiny, clammy, human hands...


Bug Bug.This quest cannot be repeated after an Extreme Makeover Credit (sex change) because the boss will not be there.