Bottomless pit

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Bottomless pit
The Bottomless Pit.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Type Landmark

In memory of the Norn who ventured into the bottomless pit to discover if it leads to the other side of the world:
Askel Cliffdiver
Gunolf the Mountain
Hardi Jotuncrusher
May they find glory and honor in the Mists should they never return.

In Memoriam

The bottomless pit is a massive hole located in the very northeastern corner of Jaga Moraine, right next to where Ssissth the Leviathan or Edielh Shockhunter spawns.


  • The hole and the missing Norn is a reference to A Journey to the Center of the Earth where Otto (Professor Lidenbrock), Axel, and Hans travel to the center of the Earth through a volcano on Iceland.

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