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치 The Spearmen 치 [치치치치]

치 The Spearmen 치 [치치치치]
Guild 치 The Spearmen 치 cape.jpg
Territory Korea
Language English/Engrish
Faction Luxon (Luxons Forever!)
Type PvP
No. of members 42
Guild Hall Awesome.

The Spearmen are an elite PvP guild that is primarily populated by South Georgian Macaroni Penguins. We employ a crack team of faction farmers that allow us to comfortably control both House Zu Heltzer and Cavalon simultaneously. Our current project is to learn how to PvE, but we are having trouble getting into ranked groups.

Due to our guild being aligned with the Korean territory, Spearmen are blessed with a 9th skill slot in both PvP and PvE.

WTS Althea's Ashes: 50g.

Our Guild of the Week article from so very long ago.

Guild Timeline:

January 1928: Guild formed during the Pre-Beta Pre-Pre-Preview event. Current technology limits servers to a capacity of 1 player at a time, connected via telegram.

October 29, 1929: Black Tuesday. Developers accidentally reset Ectoplasm prices at the Commodities Gentleman, causing a massive buyout. Many mistake the dramatic in-game economic crash as an actual Stock Market event, causing widespread panic and chaos that leads to the Great Depression. In-game economy is quickly rolled back; real life economy is not so lucky. The Spearmen emerge intact due to liquidation of their massive hoard of Celestial Sigils. The population of guilds (with hall and cape) triples overnight.

September 1931: First organized Spearman foray into PvP. The guild is quickly rebuffed by teams from the Japan region, who capture the Hall of Heroes and hold it for the next 14 years. Japan uses this victory as a stepping stone to capture Manchuria later in the year.

1945: The Spearmen single-handedly win World War II for the allies by employing the advanced 22 Flesh Golem strategy in Europe. Japan initially refuses to give up ground in Asia until the Spearmen Edge Bomb mainland Japan.

1958: The advent of the oral contraceptive pill puts a stop to rampant Smurfing in Guild Wars. Although the Spearmen had never engaged in smurfing themselves, they were nevertheless affected by poser guilds spawned with similar names and tags in an attempt to leech off of our delicious, delicious glory.

1960: Spearmen capture Hall of Heroes.

1964: Anet begins deploying Luxon teams into Vietnam in an effort to push back the battle lines North and halt the advance of communism. Many anti-war protestors declare that, "The battle line mechanic is stupid," and refuse to participate. The Spearmen assist by avoiding the main battle zones and instead capturing village after village. This tactic is largely ineffective as the villages are simply recaptured shortly after, but also in part because too many hippies are AFKing back in the States and leeching off of our soldiers.

1967: The hippie movement reaches the height of its power in California. In a totally unrelated coincidence, Siege simultaneously reaches the height of his reign as guild leader of the Spearmen.

1970: The Spearmen defeat Sauron! Melkor still at large... Middle Earth is saved from annihilation. Lead Designer James Phinney graciously thanks the entire guild for their heroic salvation of Arena Net, and grants every member an official Developer account to abuse.

1975: With the introduction of Hard Mode, US/Anet forces in Vietnam quickly DP out and are no longer resurrected, forcing them to resign out of the war. Players complain that, "This map is so unbalanced, I hate it. I'm going to RA."

1987: Game updates nullify popular overpowered Hall of Heroes builds such as Spirit Spam. Spearmen are already busy researching something involving Dervish/Monks.

1989: Misfired catapult at the Spearman guild hall accidentally breaches the Exxon-Valdez, causing an oil spill that kills all of the Griffons in Prophet's Path. Kepkhet and her brood of jade scarabs quickly infest this niche of Tyria, but the Spearmen don't mind because lolPvE.

August, 1990: Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait. 5 months later, the UN sends a large military force to intervene. Although the majority of forces are from the United States, Saddam's forces are quickly dispatched in large part due to the Korean forces of D/Mo's, lead by the Spearmen. A quick ANet game balance prevents the UN forces from taking Baghdad.

1991: The Spearmen start bringing D-Shot and Shatter Enchantment into HA. As a result Gorbachev abandons communism and officially resigns as president of the USSR.

December 11, 2008: ArenaNet changes elites like Enraged Smash to reflect the grim economic realities of the pensions and mortgage crisis. In a glowing show of solidarity with the establishment, a cadre of guildies put the new tools to use shipping Elonian mirrors to starving, dispossessed, and arrestingly cute Canthan chicks.

Present Day: Spearmen are still holding the Hall of Heroes. If you could send us some chinese take-out or like order us a pizza or something that would be great. The food up here sucks and there are no phones. Look for us in GW2!

Contact information

User: Siege Turtle

User: Linsey Murdock

User: Ruricu

User: Nietzsche

User: Freakin J Stu

User: Bink Nailo

User: Magis

User: Tristan c

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