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Linsey's Pet Projects

This is where we can talk about possibilities for future projects.

NPC Placement

Making it so the NPCs can dynamically change location would be OMG annoyingly hard/time consuming to do, but I have been very much wanting to redo the NPC placements in Guild Halls and Izzy said he wouldn't mind me doing it.

Do you guys think that my placement of NPCs in EotN/NF was generally well done?

Another thing I would LOVE to do is redo all the henchmen in outposts to be more like I did them in EotN where they have little scenes with emotes and stuff. It's been in the back of my head since I did the EotN henchies and people liked it so much. Only problem is that every outpost took me at least 20 minutes for the first pass and up to 30 minutes each for polishing them. "Polish" in this case is making sure that the emote properly loop and don't cut each other off, adjusting facing directions and positioning, making the little scenes match up enough so that if the outpost desyncs the emotes (which happens over time in outposts that don't get a chance to refresh as their are always people in them) the scene still makes sense. Stuff like that is fairly time consuming. With ~150 outposts to do (there are actually more than that), say my first pass on Henchies is PERFECT with no revisions and takes 20 minutes per outpost for hench scenes, add 10 to make sure all the NPCs are in places that don't suck... that is 3750 minutes, 7,8 work days (assuming 8 hours). Say my NPCs in NF are golden and don't need that extra 10, that is still ~7 work days of moving NPCs for 8 hours straight and it doesn't include any needed polish (which there WILL BE) or bug fixing (remember how the CTC henchies weren't consistently spawning in every dist? Yeah that was my fault, part of this NPC pass) AND it doesn't include any of the 16 guild halls, or numerous PvP outposts. For the 13 EotN OPs, it took me a good solid weekend of ~20 hours to do. Oh yeah and they would all need to be tested by QA to make sure the henchies all still work. So you can see the problem. Of course these numbers are all estimates and sometimes an OP is quicker (although some are a lot longer like Tarnished Haven, that one was beastly to get working right >_<), but at the absolute minimum, every amp will take AT LEAST 10 minutes to open the map, make any changes (even the most minor) verify the changes and check it in. It's a LOT of my time and QA's time to do.

OMG epic wall of response!!! Anyway, I can do selective outposts and Guild Halls quite easily as a weekend project so if you guys gave me a list of the most egregious offenders, I'll try to fit them in. - User Linsey Murdock sig.jpgLinsey talk 22:10, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

Broken Mob Bars

Just a quick note for the people working on a list for me of dysfunctional mob bars due to skill updates. I am not looking for any feedback on Henchmen or AI issues. What I am looking for is monsters who have had their skill bars rendered obsolete due to skill updates changing functionality. AI issues can be reported here and as for Henchmen... well that is another story to be dealt with at a later date. Thanks for your help!