Plan A

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Aid the Ebon Vanguard's war effort by stealing the plans of the enemy.

Plan A
Section Charr Homelands Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Captain Langmar
in Grothmar Wardowns
(Charr Homelands)
Preceded by Be Very, Very Quiet...
Followed by Forbidden Fruit
Type Secondary quest
Plan A map.jpg
1) Vael 2) Wait for diversion 3) Battle Plans

Quest information[edit]


  • Meet Vael at the rendezvous point in Grothmar Wardowns.
  • Get into position and wait for Vael to create a diversion. Do not alert the Charr in the camp to your presence.
  • Run in and steal the plans while Vael keeps the Charr busy.
  • Take the plans back to Captain Langmar.
  • Don't forget the plans! (If the plans are dropped.)

If zoning in with a party member who has never spoken to Vael:

  • Vael is not ready to undertake the covert mission. He has still not made himself known to one of your party members.

If zoning in with a party member who has spoken to Vael but has not completed Be Very, Very Quiet...:

  • Vael is not ready to undertake the covert mission. He is busy following a suspicious looking Charr. Help your party member discover what that Charr is up to, and then Vael will be ready to raid the Charr camp for plans.



After speaking with Vael, the party waits on a bluff close by while he runs to the Charr camp and lures them away. A large group will follow Vael once he challenges them, wait a few seconds and a lingering group of four or more Charr will run out after them. Once the Charr have left, the Battle Plans are easily attainable. Return them to Captain Langmar for the reward.

Note that the Battle Plans are a bundle item, and that you will not be able to map travel back to Longeye's Ledge without losing it. Also, don't wait too long, because those Charr do come back.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Langmar
Why didn't you tell me Vael was Nathanael? He showed up here a few months back with supplies from Ascalon; said he was stationed here indefinitely as our agent in the field. Anyway, it's no matter. Nathanael... or, if he prefers, Vael spoke to me about a reconnaissance mission, and he would like your assistance. I would appreciate it if you were to help him. He's waiting for you near the Charr camp in Grothmar Wardowns.
Yes Accept: "Reconnaissance? That sounds easy. Sure."
No Decline: "I'm sorry. I have no idea who you're talking about."
Ask Ask: "Why are you still here? Vael is waiting for you near the Charr camp in Grothmar Wardowns."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Yes, Captain Langmar knows me as Nathanael. The name is not important, nor is it my own. Deeds are the only measure of a man. The Charr in this camp have a set of battle plans that we need to get our hands on. Here's what we do. You get into position somewhere out of sight. I'll create a diversion and then you run in and steal the plans.

When Vael reaches the Charr camp:

Vael: The Charr are maggots swarming upon the ripe apple of the world. I have come to rid Tyria of this foul pocket of beasts.
Charr Axemaster: Slaughter this meat!

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Langmar
I'll need some time to go over these plans and figure out how to procede from here. I may have need for your...special...abilities again in the near future. Don't go too far.


  • Avoid lingering in the camp too long as the Charr will return shortly.
  • There is usually a Locked Chest in the camp near the plans.
  • The Battle Plans can be carried while in Siege Devourer form, but the Devourer's standard ranged spacebar attack cannot be used.
Bug Bug.Vael will sometimes get stuck, and not lure the Charr as the quest suggests. If this occurs, simply zone in and out of nearby Sacnoth Valley and try talking to him again.
Bug Bug.You may receive a "QUEST FAILED" message upon retrieving the plans. The quest reward can still be collected upon returning them to Captain Langmar