Be Very, Very Quiet...

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Find out what the Charr are up to as you assist Vael.

Be Very, Very Quiet...
Section Charr Homelands Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Vael
in Grothmar Wardowns
(Charr Homelands)
Preceded by Assault on the Stronghold
Followed by Plan A
Type Secondary quest
Be Very, Very Quiet... map.jpg
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Location of Vael to obtain quest

Quest information[edit]



  • Follow Torch Harrowkeeper. Do not alert him to your presence.
  • Eavesdrop on the Charr while they discuss their plans.
  • Talk to Vael. See how he wants to proceed.
  • Follow the Charr to their meeting with the Grawl leaders. Crash the meeting and eliminate all hostiles.
  • Bring the Charr Intelligence to Captain Langmar.



This quest is very straightforward and can easily be done with heroes and henchmen. Keep out of Torch Harrowkeeper's range when you follow him until the quest updates with crashing the party. Waiting for the Grawl and Charr's dialogue to play out is optional; you can run ahead to kill the Grawl before the Charr get there. Regardless, one of the Charr will drop the Charr Intelligence quest item which you will have to take to Captain Langmar, claiming your reward.

It is advised to map-travel to Longeye's Ledge to get to Captain Langmar. Not only is it faster, but you won't receive the next quest until you rezone.






Boss-like foes[edit]



Initial dialogue[edit]


Do you see what I see, friend? This Charr walks with a purpose. I deduce he is not merely out for a relaxing stroll. We should follow him. Are you with me?
Yes Accept: "Where you skulk, I skulk."
No Decline: "I'm good, thanks."
Ask Ask: "We must follow closely but not give ourselves away. You lead."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When the Charr bosses meet

Vael: Stop here. Stay low and be quiet so I can listen to their ramblings.
Torch Harrowkeeper: Paw Darkflame! You aren't needed at this post. I have more important business for you elsewhere.
Paw Darkflame: Where, Harrowkeeper?
Torch Harrowkeeper: Come with me. We are meeting with some of the Grawl to arrange an alliance.
Paw Darkflame: What for?
Torch Harrowkeeper: Why waste Charr lives if we can use Grawl as fodder? Now stop asking questions and move out!


Well, that won't do at all, will it? Let's follow and make sure this silly alliance never happens.

When the Charr meets the Grawl

Torch Harrowkeeper: GREETINGS. GRAWL. WE. BRING. WORD. FROM. THE. HEIROPHANT[sic]...savvy?
Grawl Dark Priest: *oot!*

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Langmar

I'm not sure I know this "Vael" you speak of, but you swear you heard this exchange with your own ears? Your word I trust. It's good you put an end to that meeting. Such an alliance would be devastating to us.


  • This quest is given by Vael west of the forest in Grothmar Wardowns. Torch Harrowkeeper will be spawned just east of Vael and you have to follow him to the beach.
  • When the Charr meet with the Grawl, do not engage immediately, even if the quest log tells you to "eliminate all hostiles". Wait until the Grawl has responded "*oot!*" or else the quest will fail.
  • After completing this quest, Chaelse Flameshielder will not spawn again until after you have completed Plan A.
  • After completing this quest, you must leave and re-enter Grothmar Wardowns before Plan A becomes available.
Bug Bug. If Torch Harrowkeeper dies and is resurrected, he will drop a second Charr Intelligence.
Bug Bug. It is possible for a chest to spawn in the Sacnoth Valley portal, preventing the Grawl from attending the meeting.


  • The title of this quest is a reference to a quote by the WB character Elmer Fudd; "Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits."