A Ghostly Request

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A Ghostly Request
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Ghost of Sehwanu
in Mehtani Keys
Preceded by A Sticky Operation
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
A Ghostly Request map.jpg
Location of the Ghost of Sehwanu in the Mehtani Keys
A Ghostly Request map2.jpg
Location of Wianuyo in Lahtenda Bog

Bring peace to the Ghost of Sehwanu by bringing Wianuyo to justice.

Quest information[edit]





Obtaining the quest

The Ghost of Sehwanu spawns randomly – empirically at a rate of roughly 5% (i.e. about one time in twenty). When she does spawn, she will be staring out to sea on the beach behind Bloodback Morrob and his cultists.
She is guaranteed to spawn for any member of the party due to receive the reward after killing Wianuyo - this can remove the random element of her spawning for picking up the quest.

The quest itself

Wianuyo himself is on the south-eastern edge of Lahtenda Bog, near a lagoon.

Enter Lahtenda Bog through Blacktide Den, making your way through the lagoon to the quest marker. The enemies encountered are the local insects and the two quest related corsair groups around Wianuyo. Consider luring some Corsairs away from the other group of Corsairs to make them easier to pick off.

Your party may wish to consider bringing condition removal since the area is rife with poison, disease and the other conditions. Also consider bringing weakness since a lot of the foes encountered are either melee or attacking with bows and spears.

Wianuyo himself is a renamed Corsair Seer and will be no challenge for a coordinated group.

Map back to Kodlonu Hamlet and travel to Sehwanu again for your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Ghost of Sehwanu
"[Difficulty: Master] I was young and carefree once, but oh so foolish. When a battered and bruised man named Wianuyo washed ashore, I took him in and tended his wounds, falling in love as I nursed him back to health. He convinced me to steal away with him, back to the high seas. He seemed a good man, but once aboard he showed his true character, and I became a slave for him and his crew. I cooked and cleaned and... It was horrible! After years of slavery, my body succumbed to illness and they dumped me on the dunes to die. I've wandered here ever since; never feeling peace. Please, find Wianuyo and bring him to justice so I might rest."
Yes Accept: "What he did to you truly was horrible. I will bring justice to this evil man."
No Decline: "To find him would be impossible. I'm afraid it can't be done."
Ask Ask: "Find Wianuyo and give him the justice he so richly deserves."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Ghost of Sehwanu
"Thank you, kind Sunspear. A brutal death was the only justice Wianuyo deserved. I thought his death would bring me peace as well, but I still feel bound here. Perhaps my soul is doomed to walk the dunes as a warning to the foolish."