A Sticky Operation

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A Sticky Operation
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Guard Kovu
in Blacktide Den
Preceded by Defender's Choice
Followed by What Do You Do with a Drunken Shauben? and
A Ghostly Request
Type Secondary quest
A Sticky Operation map.jpg
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Kill 5 groups of Corsair seamen in Lahtenda Bog.

Quest information





Head out into Lahtenda Bog and follow the green compass point to find the 5 corsair camps. There is a group of 6 level 15-17 Corsair Seamen at each camp. Expect pop-ups along the way.



Humans (Corsairs)


Initial dialogue

Guard Kovu
"Now that we know where the corsairs are gathering, we have the perfect opportunity to catch them off guard and chase them out of Lahtenda Bog. I don't know who this Ironfist guy is, but we're not about to wait to find out. <Character name>, take a moment to ready your party then head out and take out all the corsairs camping out in the swamp."
Yes Accept: "The only corsairs leaving that swamp will be dead ones."
No Decline: "Swamp? I just had a pedicure."
Ask Ask: "Head out to Lahtenda Bog and clear out those corsair camps."

Intermediate dialogue

Corsair Seaman: "How long do we have to wait here for Ironfist? This swamp gives me the creeps."

Reward dialogue

Guard Kovu
"Hope those corsairs didn't give you too much trouble. As individual crews, they aren't very threatening, but when they gather together into an armada they're dangerous. This Ironfist sounds like he could be a real problem. Keep your eyes peeled for any information you can gather. Sounds like we don't have much time."