What Do You Do with a Drunken Shauben?

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What Do You Do with a Drunken Shauben?
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Dahleht
in Blacktide Den
Preceded by A Sticky Operation
Ghosts in the Graveyard
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
What Do You Do with a Drunken Shauben? map.jpg
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Quest information[edit]



  • Find the captured clan warriors.
  • Kill the corsairs guarding the clansmen.
  • Speak with Ahbri.
  • Bring the surviving clansmen back to Blacktide Den.
  • See Dahleht for your reward.



After entering Lahtenda Bog from Blacktide Den, head south killing foes along the way. Bounties can be beneficial as there are many Mandragor groups along the way. Also make sure to get the Corsair bounty considering you will get a lot of Corsair kills.

Once you get to a huge mob of Corsairs it is recommended to pull the groups individually and fight them off one by one as rushing in might lead to being overwhelmed. Keep pulling and be prepared for Corsair popups.

Once you get the clansmen, be prepared for the way back because now there are random spawns of Corsairs throughout the rest of the map, which means that the route you took might not be clear anymore. Head back up to Blacktide Den as you will complete the mission once you get to the portal.





Humans (Corsairs)


Humans (Corsairs)


Initial dialogue[edit]


"The warriors of the Shauben clan are renowned throughout Istan for their combat skills and bravery. But there is a fine line between brave and foolhardy, and that line gets fuzzy when combined with youth and spirits. Last night a group of talented young warriors were enjoying a barrel of imported Dwarven Ale to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of their group. One boy got it in his head to eliminate the corsair in Lahtenda Bog. And, in an amazing display of stupidity, all eight of them staggered into the swamp calling for blood! Shortly thereafter, they were captured by the corsairs and tied up. We heard about the fiasco and send word to the Sunspear Great Hall. I assume that's why you're here?"
Yes Accept: "That's me! I'm on the job."
No Decline: "No, I came for the party. Am I late?"
Ask Ask: "Find the young warriors of the Shauben clan being held in Lahtenda Bog and free them from the corsairs."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


"Bah! Dahleht always overeacts. A few more hours to sober up and we'd have made short work of these corsair fools. Let's get back to Blacktide Den and celebrate our victory over the corsairs. Lead the way."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"It's good to see those young and talented Shauben warriors returned to the clan. I'm sure Ahbri and Tahristahn thought they had the corsairs right where they wanted them. But I greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter."


  • It is recommended to have a minion master along with the party considering there are many corpses. Do keep in mind that the minions tend to go out of earshot meaning that you will get more Corsairs than expected. Be prepared.
  • If you are not bringing a minion master, make sure you can pull. If bringing heroes or henchmen, make sure you flag them away so they do not run in and aggro.
  • There is a Resurrection Shrine immediately next to the largest group of corsairs, near the clansmen. Consider taking the right way around to take advantage of this, avoiding the Sunspear Tomb area entirely.


  • The quest name refers to the traditional sea shanty, Drunken Sailor and to the Guild, 치 The Spearmen 치; the warriors of the Shauben clan are all named after either an officer or a prominent member of the guild.