Ghosts in the Graveyard

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Ghosts in the Graveyard
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Necromancer Lahse
in Lahtenda Bog
Preceded by Crypt-ology
Type Secondary quest
Ghosts in the Graveyard.jpg
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Escort Necromancer Lahse to find the 5 lost primeval spirits.

Quest information[edit]



  • Pick up the Spiritual Torch and find the Primeval Spirits.
  • Use the Spiritual Torch to light the way for the Primeaval Spirits back to their graves.
  • See Necromancer Musseh for your reward.



After Crypt-ology, talk to Necromancer Lahse again to receive this quest. Pick up the Spiritual Torch that appears and simply follow the nearby quest markers to the Ghosts. Dispose of any insect groups along the way. Follow the final quest marker and bring the ghosts to the center of the graveyard to complete the quest. Map back to Blacktide Den to collect your reward.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Necromancer Lahse

"I have communed with the spirits, and they are, in fact, quite content. However, their slumber was disturbed, and they've woken up a bit grumpy, as you might expect. It seems some childlike spirits awoke recently and roused them from their sleep. These spirits had rested here since primeval times. But they were greatly disturbed by spiritual activity to the north and fled. Now, they have scattered throughout the crypt and into the swamp. We must help these spirits find their way home. Once they are resting again, all will be well in the crypt. A torch bearing the flames that have lit the crypt for centuries will help guide these primeval spirits home."
Yes Accept: "We'll bring em"
No Decline: "I don't know. Isn't there somebody else you can call?"
Ask Ask: "You must shine the torch on the spirits, so they know to follow us back to the crypt."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Necromancer Lahse: "Come...Come little one. Time to go home."
Necromancer Lahse: "Don't be afraid. We will light the way."
Necromancer Lahse: "All are welcome. All welcome."
Necromancer Lahse: "Follow the light. There is peace and serenity in the light."
Necromancer Lahse: "Come with Granny Lahse. I will protect you."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Necromancer Musseh

"You have done well, Sunspear. Necromancer Lahse was quite pleased with your aid in this troubling matter. I will be sure to let your superiors know of your deeds."


  • The comments "All are welcome. All welcome." and "There is peace and serenity in the light." are comments made by Zelda Rubinstein's character in the 1982 film Poltergeist.
  • The Decline dialogue "I don't know. Isn't there somebody else you can call?" may be a reference to the Ghostbusters slogan "Who you gonna call?"