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Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Necromancer Musseh
in Blacktide Den
Followed by Ghosts in the Graveyard
Type Secondary quest
Crypt-ology map.jpg
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Meet Necromancer Lahse in Lahtenda Bog and help her soothe the spirits.

Quest information[edit]





Follow map through the swamp, killing the various creatures that pop-up along the way, such as Mandragors and the roaming Insects. Necromancer Lahse seems to be basically untargeted by foes so you don't need to worry about her - provided she does not get stuck. It is a good idea after turning this quest in to stay and do her next one (Ghosts in the Graveyard), as it's also in the area and is very short.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Necromancer Musseh

"The spirits in the Sunspear Crypts have become increasingly disturbed. Now, they refuse to even speak with us. So we've sent for a specialist. Necromancer Lahse has decades of experience communing with the dead. We hope she'll be able to soothe the spirits and discover what has them so troubled. But, Lahse is getting on in years, so she has requested a Sunspear escort. Can you go to Lahtenda Bog and safeguard Lahse on her journey through the swamp?"
Yes Accept: "Yes, I will escort Lahse to the Sunspear Crypts."
No Decline: "Isn't there some other way to soothe the spirits of the...uh...spirits?"
Ask Ask: "Necromancer Lahse is waiting for her escort in Lahtenda Bog. You must hurry. The spirits are restless.""

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Necromancer Lahse

"So you are here to baby sit me on my way to the crypt. So young you look to these old eyes. I think, perhaps, you are the baby. Nonetheless, lead on. I shall follow as fast as my old legs will allow."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Necromancer Lahse

"You have brought me here safely; as was your task. You performed well considering your youth. No need to babysit me any further. I am safe with these spirits. They are like dear old friends."