Corsair Wizard

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Corsair Wizard
Corsair blindfold.jpg
Affiliation Corsairs
Type Human
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 3 (22)
14 (24)
Campaigns Nightfall
Eye of the North
Bonus Mission Pack

Corsair Wizards are the more powerful versions of Corsair Seers, but not as powerful as Corsair Mind Readers.




Normal mode, level 3[edit]

Normal mode, levels 10[verification requested] and 14[edit]

Level 14: 10 Domination Magic, 12 Inspiration Magic

Hard mode, level 22[edit]

Hard mode, level 24[edit]

Bonus Mission Pack, level 10[edit]

8 Domination Magic

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings at level 14
Blunt damage 43 Piercing damage 43 Slashing damage 43
Cold damage 43 Earth damage 43 Fire damage 43 Lightning damage 43

Items dropped[edit]