O Brave New World

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O Brave New World
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Blorf
in Vlox's Falls
(Tarnished Coast)
Preceded by The Elusive Golemancer
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
O Brave New World map.jpg
Route from Vlox's Falls

Protect Erff and his krewe of artisans as he scouts out a new potential settlement for the Asura.

Quest information[edit]


  • Meet Erff in Arbor Bay.
  • Guide Erff to a potential settlement location in Arbor Bay.
  • Help Erff scout out another potential settlement location.
  • Speak with Erff.
  • Defend the work krewe from the invading Destroyers.
  • See Blorf for your reward.



Follow the map markers as Erff scouts out various locations in Arbor Bay. The local fauna in the first stage are easily dealt with. However, Erff eventually takes you to the top of a ruined building, where you must defend the party against waves of Destroyers and ultimately, the Shock of Destruction (a Destroyer boss). The destroyers only come from one direction so there is no need to worry about defending the north side of the pyramid too.

When the Destroyers approach, position the team just behind the top of the stairs. While the melee attackers will get to you, the rangers will stay on the stairway and attack, but will not be able to hit you. Take out the warriors and any other Destroyer that makes it to the top of the platform and then deal with those below. Pull back from the stairs after each wave to regenerate health and energy.

Recommended skills[edit]









Initial dialogue[edit]


"The surface resettlement effort is moving along, but the Destroyer threat has deepened considerably. Now they threaten to delay my schedule, and that I just cannot abide. My chief location scout, Erff, is so frightened about Destroyers bubbling up in Arbor Bay that he hasn't even picked out the new settlement site yet. My krewe needs to get started as soon as possible, but Erff refuses to scout out the location without a bodyguard. You look big and beefy; are you interested?"
Yes Accept: "All right, if you promise to never call me "beefy" again."
No Decline: "I am not a meat shield."
Ask Ask: "Erff is waiting for his bodyguard in Arbor Bay. Please make haste. My precious schedule hangs in the balance."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Erff: "So Blorf finally got some sense knocked into his head, eh? I'm a builder, not a fighter. You lead the way and take care of anything big and nasty. I'll stop you when I see something of interest."

After first potential settlement:

Erff: "If we're going to live above ground, this is a fine spot. At least it won't smell like mold."
Erff: "Although, it's a bit too sunny and hardly defensible at all. I worry about all this water. Should there be a sudden downpour, a flood would be sure to follow."
Erff: "Nope, no good, Onward!"

After second potential settlement:

Erff: "Quaint and certainly homey, but it would require much excavation. I wonder though, perhaps it will be worth the effort. These structures even look salvageable."
Erff: "Yes, I'm quite sure this will do. We will start construction immediately."

After talking to Erff:

Erff: "Blorf will be pleased. Now he can get back on schedule. Wait... did you hear that? That shriek, I know it. Destroyers. They're here! But this is such a perfect site. I'm tired of running from these creatures. We must defend it! And by we, I mean you."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Excellent work, bookah. It constantly surprises me to see how handy you humans can be in a pinch. I might just have to get a few more."


  • If Erff and the artisans are not outside Vlox's Falls then continue to the pyramid where you will find them waiting for you.
  • If your party wipes, a resurrection shrine is close enough to admit another try.
Bug Bug.If you walk to the first island in Arbor Bay without talking to Erff first, the quest will update and say that you have completed the second objective, even though Erff and the Krewe will remain stationary at the entrance to Vlox Falls. Upon reaching the third location, however, you will not be able to complete the quest without having talked to Erff. If you are concerned about the safety of the Krewe, you can have one player stay at the entrance to Vlox Falls, then once the party is in position on the pyramid, the player who stayed behind can talk to Erff to trigger the destroyer spawn, then rejoin the party.
Bug Bug.Sometimes one of the destroyers will be caught in a rock, requiring nonprojectile damaging spells to kill it.