A Tasty Morsel

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A Tasty Morsel
Section The Desolation Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Charen
in The Ruptured Heart
(The Desolation)
Preceded by Vanishing Spirits
Followed by The Growing Threat
Type Secondary quest
A Tasty Morsel map.jpg
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Rescue Charen and Kwalanah from the jaws of the Margonite soul eater!

Quest information[edit]


  • Meet up with Charen in the Ruptured Heart.
  • Journey with Charen to find Rebirther Jirath, the Margonite soul eater.
  • Wait in hiding until you hear the signal. The code word is: cat.
  • Kill the soul eating Margonite before he devours Charen.
  • See Kwalanah for your reward.



Once you meet Charen in the North Eastern portion of The Ruptured Heart go south to the shrine where Jirath is waiting. Initially he will be an ally and you will not be able to attack him. Wait for Charen to talk to Jirath without going in Jirath's aggro range or Jirath will flee before he becomes an enemy. If you wait patiently the dialogue will follow and Jirath will start attacking Charen. You must kill him before he kills Charen to successfully complete the quest.

To make things easier you can clear the area of monsters first, optionally using the Junundu. There is a Wurm Spoor close-by.

Bug Bug.If, during your current visit, you have passed near the resurrection shrine where Jirath is, Charen will head directly there (instead of staying with you) and will often get stuck on the way, preventing completion of the quest. If rezoning does not work, you can try abandoning the quest: afterward, return to the Ruptured Heart to pick up the quest again and this time, avoid the shrine until after you speak to Charen.





Demons (Margonites)


Initial dialogue[edit]

"What this Margonite scum is doing is reprehensible! We must act if we are to spare other spirits the same fate as my poor Kwalanah. Here is the plan: I will set up a trap for the filthy beast. Once it is snared, you will spring into action!"
"Follow me to the attack location and we'll get started. Remember not to pounce until I give the code word. I'll work the word "cat" into our banter and that will be the signal. So remember, when I say CAT, you do the killing. You are with me, right?"
Yes Accept: "Of course I'm with you."
No Decline: "Woof!"
Ask Ask: "Remember, the signal is "cat." Don't make a move until I say it. Let's get into position."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Charen: "Remember, don't attack him until I give you the code word or you'll chase him off."
Charen: "Hello there, sir. I am so glad you could make it. I understand you provide a rebirthing service, which I am very much interested in."
Rebirther Jirath: "Correct. It is a short procedure. Hold still and you won't feel a thing."
Charen: "Wonderful!! I suppose we should get started then, for you see I do so miss my CAT. I said, I MISS MY CAT...MY CAT. You see, I miss it because...well...it's my CAT! Are you hard of hearing?!?! CAAAAAAAT!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Thank you so much for freeing me from the belly of that accursed beast! I was such a fool to think he could grant us a second chance at life. It's not that I'm unhappy. I just wish Charen and I had lived together longer before we met our untimely end. Now I realize that I should be thankful for what I have."