A Message Home

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A Message Home
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Jatoro Musagi
in Kodlonu Hamlet
Type Secondary quest

Obtain the papers required for the adventurous Jatoro to travel Elona.

Quest information[edit]



  • Travel to Kamadan and speak with Clerk Arlon.
  • Acquire official papers to grant Jatoro diplomatic status.
  • Relieve the clerk of some of his duties so he can draft Jatoro's diplomatic papers.
  • Bring Jatoro the official papers proving he has ambassador status



After accepting the quest, travel to Kamadan and speak with Clerk Arlon; he stands near the exit to Consulate Docks. He gives you the quest One Good Turn Deserves Another. Complete that quest and then speak again with Clerk Arlon. Now you have the diplomatic papers for Jatoro. All you now need to do is get your reward from Jatoro Musagi at Kodlonu Hamlet.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Jatoro Musagi
"Ah, I see you are a Sunspear, «name». I entreat you to speak on my behalf to the Istani government. I am the son of a Canthan nobleman, and have found myself stranded on Istani soil. I wish to travel these lands, but apparently cannot do so without government permission. I beg of you, trusted Sunspear, go to Kamadan and convince the clerk to grant the official diplomatic papers I need. If you do this, I will sing your praises to all I encounter as I travel throughout this lush island paradise!"
Yes Accept: "I often travel to Kamadan. I will speak for you."
No Decline: "Please, in the name of the Five Gods, no singing!"
Ask Ask: "The Elder told me that Clerk Arlon in Kamadan is the person to speak with. He handles all diplomatic arrangements."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Clerk Arlon
"Diplomatic papers, eh? Tough job. Lots of paperwork. Great deal of red tape. It's no easy task to give someone diplomatic immunity, and as you can see, I'm already swamped with work from the Kournan and Vabbian delegations who arrived today. I tell you what, if you can lighten my duties a bit, I might have time to help your friend."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Jatoro Musagi
"Oh wonderful. And so quickly. My friend, I will not ask you what you had to do to get these papers for me. I will only rejoice for having such a trustworthy and honorable friend in this new place. If you have the time, someday, I would love to tell you of the wonders I have seen."