Jatoro Musagi

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Jatoro Musagi
Crimson Skull monk.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Level(s) 8
Campaigns Factions

Jatoro Musagi is the adventurous son of Lady Mukei Musagi.



Quests Given:

Quests involved in:


In Haiju Lagoon:

"I am in training to be a great Warrior! But please do not tell my mother, she thinks I am going to inherit the family business. When my training is complete, I am going to leave all this behind and find adventure!"

In Leviathan Pits:

"I love adventuring! I gave up my life as a Crimson Skull to travel abroad, to explore the Jade Sea."

In Kodlonu Hamlet:

"I believe "ahai" is the appropriate greeting, yes? Well, ahai, <character name>! I am Jatoro Musagi. I hail from the southwest, where the great island of Shing Jea rests upon clear cool shores. Cantha is home to the great Dragon Empire."
⇒ What brings you to Istan?
"During my youth, which was not so long ago, actually, I sought great adventure and ran away from home. I traveled for a time with a band of pirates, but in time, I got bored with that and set out for the lands in the south where war raged between the Luxons and Kurzicks. That's where I came upon the Jade Sea. I tell you, I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on those sad waves aching to crash but forever caught in place by the hatred of a dying man."
⇒ An interesting story, but it doesn't really answer my question. What brought you to the Land of the Golden Sun?
"You see, by the time I reached Luxon territory, I sort of...lacked the funds to continue my adventures. Luckily I found employment with a group of researchers hunting a sea monster. After a time, I got bored with the Zenos Squad and struck out on my own again. I turned my back on the green glitter of the Jade Sea and journeyed to the lands of the Kurzicks."
⇒ And this led you to Elona...how?
"Well, during my travels among the great stone trees and shrines of the Kurzick people, I befriended one of the sons of House Lutgardis. We formed a partnership and dabbled in trade along the front lines of the war. It was an exciting time, but even so I got bored with the business end of it all. Then the deal we had with the soldiers fighting in the Jade Quarry placed a few large slabs of jadeite in our hands. This jadeite had sealife still incased within! One of my mother's business contracts in Vabbi found some nobleman who was interested in the rare find. It was a perfect opportunity to get back on the road again. So, I left my partner in charge and commissioned transport for myself and my jadeite to Elona."
⇒ You're still a long way from Vabbi, my friend.
"Yes, well, I was sailing for a port at the Moon Fortress when my ship was waylaid by corsairs not far offshore from here. Having once been a pirate myself, I managed to convince them not to kill me. However, they tore holes in my ship and drowned my crew before setting me adrift in the sinking vessel. I awoke on the beach not far from here, my ship in ruins upon the shoals and my jadeite strewn across the sand. I ran before the corsairs found the wreck and started pillaging. The people here have been very kind, giving me both food and shelter. I look forward to the day when I can repay them."
× I'll be on my way.


  • Given his dialogue, it's likely that the shipwreck found in Mehtani Keys (in the southeast, near the Treasure Chest) is what remains of the ship he was on (see Wreck of the Resplendent Peace). Further hinting to the connection are the jade blocks nearby that were most likely the ship's cargo.