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The outpost, Lutgardis Conservatory, is named after the Kurzick House Lutgardis.

The Lugardis are devoted to the study and creation of music in all its myriad forms. They are masters of performance and create the finest musical instruments in all of Cantha – for hundreds of years, in fact, no emperor of Cantha has ascended to the throne without the inspirational orchestration of Lutgardis instruments, usually played by the Lutgardis themselves. They use music to cleanse the streams and bring what new life they can to the forest. They are the house of the tree singers – Kurzicks with a special bond to the few living trees left in the Echovald – and they protect them with their song and with their lives. To the Lutgardis, there is a little difference between the two. Their patron god is Melandru.

— Loremaster Ermenred

House Lutgardis is one of the five Kurzick Great Houses, dedicated primarily to Melandru. The house's members are great musicians, including the famed Tree Singers.

'Music is the voice of the Five True Gods' is their house motto.

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