A Letter Home

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A Letter Home
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Jatoro Musagi
in Leviathan Pits
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest

Help Jatoro Musagi give a letter to his mother, Lady Mukei Musagi.

Quest information[edit]




After receiving the quest, map travel to Zos Shivros Channel and head out the northern exit into the Boreas Seabed. The Halcyon is the large ship just to the north.

Several large groups of Outcasts patrol the area immediately around the Halcyon. However if you're careful you should only have to fight one group located at the left rear of the ship. The other groups will move away giving you access to the inside of the ship. Arani is inside the ship on the scaffolding (effectively the "2nd floor"), to get to her go up the ramps.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Jatoro Musagi
"I used to be a pirate, but that got old pretty fast...not nearly enough adventure, and way too much gold counting. I decided to join team Zenos instead. And talk about adventure! Why, it is even more exciting exploring the Jade Sea than it is sailing over the liquid one! The only thing I am worried about is my mother. She is sure to be getting worried about me. I have written a letter for her, but I do not have time to deliver it. Perhaps you could help me? If you could deliver this letter to Arani aboard the Halcyon, I am certain she would see that it gets to my mother back on Shing Jea Island. I trust Arani, she was...well, let us just say that I trust her and leave it at that."
Yes Accept: "I'll deliver your letter home, Jatoro."
No Decline: "Sorry, you don't have enough postage."
Ask Ask: "Please take this letter to Arani. She sails aboard the Halcyon."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"A letter from Jatoro for his mother? I can use my contacts to make certain the letter reaches her. Jatoro was such a sweet boy. A good client, too, all things considered. Thank you for helping him."