The Captured Son

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The Captured Son
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Lady Mukei Musagi
in Seitung Harbor
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Secondary quest

Find the missing Jatoro Musagi for his mother.

Quest Information[edit]





Make your way north-east from Seitung Harbor towards Haiju Lagoon or start from Zen Daijun if you already have it, and follow the quest marker. The Crimson Skull camp has several members which can easily overwhelm your team. Instead of fighting them all together, pull them apart from each other so that you can fight only a few of them at a time. Use ground features to obstruct their projectiles or to create choke points. Additionaly you can obtain blessings from Melandru's shrine by kneeling at her statue.

Once you defeat all of the Crimson Skull, the quest will update and you can speak to Jatoro for your reward.

Since this is a secondary quest, players having difficulties (due to level difference) can leave it for later until the player is stronger and better armored.





Initial Dialogue[edit]

Lady Mukei Musagi
"Jatoro! JATOOOOROOOOO! You there...can you help me? The Crimson Skull have taken my son hostage! I heard that they usually sail out of Hanzing Pier, and that is where I last saw him. Please, help me rescue Jatoro!"
Yes Accept: "Jatoro will be saved, I promise you."
No Decline: "That's too bad. Guess it's a pirate's life for Jatoro."
Ask Ask: "They must have taken Jatoro to the Hanzing Pier! Hurry!"

Intermediate Dialogue[edit]

Jatoro Musagi
"Kidnapped? No, I....all right, look. I just want to find my own path, but my mother has already got my entire future planned out for me. Surely a hero like you understands.... I love my mother, but she doesn't want to let me live my own life. So I faked the kidnapping, and I am going to join the pirates in search of adventure. Please give mother this letter. If she loves me, she will understand."

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Lady Mukei Musagi
"This letter has opened my eyes. I never realized Jatoro had no desire to be a merchant! Of course I support his decision... even if it means a life of piracy. After all, pirates do pretty well for themselves, I hear. Thank you, <Character name>!"


  • It is not recommended to do this quest along with To Zen Daijun, because if Su dies, you will not be able to enter Zen Daijun and will have to re-start all over again from Seitung Harbor
  • If you already unlocked Zen Daijun, use the level 16 henchmen available in that outpost to benefit from stronger allies.
  • This quest can be used to farm: Copper, Silver, and Gold Crimson Skull Coins. Keep the quest active in your log; do not claim your rewards from Jatoro.