Desperate Measures

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Desperate Measures
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Kamveh
in Forum Highlands
Type Secondary quest
Desperate Measures Mission Map.jpg
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Eliminate the Harpy and Heket leaders in the Forum Highlands.

Quest information[edit]


  • Kill the harpy leader, Render, in the Forum Highlands.
  • Exterminate the heket commander, Harrk Facestab, in the Forum Highlands.
  • See Kamveh for your reward.



Accepting this quest dramatically increases the number of Harpies and Hekets that spawn in Forum Highlands, as part of the well-established war between the two species. The quest marker points to Render first and Harrk Facestab second. You can dive right in or wait for the hostile groups (and Vabbian Guard patrols) to weaken each other, finishing off the survivors (including the bosses). Head back to Kamveh to claim your reward.









Initial dialogue[edit]

"Greetings, <Character name>. I have a situation that requires your attention. In the past, merchants stopped here as they traveled through Vabbi. They sold us all manner of goods that sustained our people, but they have since stopped coming. The hostilities between the skree harpies and heket have been boiling, but it's gotten out of hand and is affecting our village. It's a simple job. Find the leaders of these two warring tribes and eliminate them. Of course we are prepared to pay you for your trouble."
Yes Accept: "You know how much I love killing things...."
No Decline: "Sounds fun, but no thanks."
Ask Ask: "Those beasts are still out there! I'm not paying you to stand around. Please find the leaders of each tribe and finish them off before this war goes on any longer!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Thank you so much. With those leaderless beasts regrouping, the merchants won't have to worry about their safety. They will surely return and our people will no longer go hungry or subsist without amenities. We are grateful."