Juicy Heket Leg

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Juicy Heket Leg
Juicy Heket Leg.png
Rarity Common
Type Quest item
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Core
Quest item for She Hungers
Juicy heket leg.jpg

Juicy Heket Legs are dropped by any Heket across all campaigns when the quest She Hungers is active. Once a player has more than 10 Juicy Heket Legs in their character's inventory they will cease to drop.




  • Juicy Heket Legs are dropped by any Heket species, including those outside of Elona.
  • Outside Tihark Orchard in Forum Highlands, the harpies can help you acquire these by killing any heket groups they aggro and they will drop Juicy Heket Legs even if your party never attacked those heket.
  • More than the required Juicy Heket Legs can be collected by dropping them out of your inventory before killing more Heket while the quest is active. Alternatively, place them in storage. (Note: this serves little purpose except perhaps to quickly complete the quest on multiple characters).