She Hungers

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She Hungers
Section The Desolation Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Bonesmith Rokel
in Bone Palace
(The Desolation)
Preceded by A Deal's a Deal
Type Secondary quest

Help feed Rokel by gathering ten Juicy Heket Legs.

Quest information[edit]


  • Collect heket legs to sate Rokel's unending hunger. You have collected [0...10] of 10 heket legs.
  • See Bonesmith Rokel for your reward.



While a character has this quest active, all Heket killed will drop a Juicy Heket Leg each until your character holds 10 of it in their inventory. This means that if those collected legs are dropped or moved into storage, the Juicy Heket Legs will start dropping off any Heket again.

Places where a lot of Heket can be found include (but not limited to) northern portion of Barbarous Shore, southern half of Dejarin Estate, the watery areas of the Floodplain of Mahnkelon, and the northwestern corner of Vehjin Mines.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Bonesmith Rokel

"<Character name>, I hunger! And the only thing that can satisfy my craving is a mountainous pile of barbecued heket legs dripping with 11 herbs and spices! I am too busy smithing to gather them myself. You wouldn't believe the reactions I got the last time I went into Vabbi to get some, either. The nerve! Just because you're missing a few pounds of flesh and you're a bit rotted, people act like you're a monster. Help ol' Rokel out, won't you?"
Yes Accept: "Sure, they're finger-lickin' good."
No Decline: "Send someone else for take-out."
Ask Ask: "What are you waiting for, <character name>? What's left of my stomach is growling! Hurry up and get me some heket legs from Vabbi!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Bonesmith Rokel

"Mmmmmmm, delicious! The perfect on-the-job snack for any smithy worth her iron. Now I can get my work done without being distracted by my unending least for now. It's cookin' time"


  • Heket killed in the Tarnished Coast locations (Guild Wars Eye of the North) also drop these legs while this quest is active. If available consider combining with the quest Frogstomp.
  • This quest is easily done with Desperate Measures active. The Skree and the Heket kill each other, leaving the player only needing to pick them up.
  • This quest doesn't change status to "completed" when you gather all required items.


  • The "11 herbs and spices" and "finger-lickin' good" lines are a reference to the advertising slogans of the KFC, or "Kentucky Fried Chicken", fast food chain.