Double Dog Dare

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Double Dog Dare
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Ashigun
in Zehlon Reach
Preceded by The Cyclone Palace
Type Secondary quest
Double dog dare map.jpg
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Ashigun wants you to find his buried treasure and he double dog dares you to find it. He only gives you cryptic clues though.

Quest information[edit]



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  • Go to where the water sparkles like diamonds and the dunes hide gold from the Elders.
  • Travel east past the place where men sleep on stilts. Reach the tower that lies on the edge of the world.
  • Follow the Queen's gaze south and find an ill tempered bear guarding his cave.
  • Pass the wrathful bear and run to the doors of the sanctuary that clings to the land as the maiden of the sea pulls it towards her bosom.
  • Face northwest and walk thirty-five paces. From beneath the Arch of the Twin Queens, gaze upon the great pillars that have stood since ages past.
  • Stand at the feet of the pillar that lies in eternal slumber.
  • From the sleeping pillar, travel west towards the spot where man's creation meets its end.
  • Beyond man's creation a huge boulder hugs the dunes. Find the treasure buried on the lee of the stone.
  • Kneel down and search the sand for the buried treasure.
  • Take Bobo back to Ashigun and collect your reward.



Ashigun does not give you any clue where to go for this quest, nor do you get an arrow to help you. All you have to go on is his cryptic clues given to you through the objectives. The first thing is to go to the Mehtani Keys and you will get the next clue. Then travel east past the small village and over to the tower standing alone in the northeast corner of the map near Ajamduk, Hunter of the Sands. Head south and to where Behrdos will yell at you. Go past him to the Cyclone Palace's door at the southeast corner of the map. Then head northwest and stand under the arch. Look towards the pillars for your next clue. Run over to the pillar that has fallen down. You will then be directed to the west where there is a sunken ship. Once you get to the ship you will get an update telling you there is a huge boulder beyond the ship. It is a short distance west of the ship. Go to the far side of the boulder and it will tell you to kneel in the sand to find the treasure. /kneel to find Bobo. Once you have Bobo head back to Ashigun in Zehlon Reach and return it to him.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"I hate it here. It's smelly and I miss my old home. If only mother would let me go back for my treasure, then I might be happy. But, it's "too dangerous." No, you couldn't possibly get it for me. Ha! My treasure is so well hidden, only the bravest and smartest would dare to even try! I doubt a mere Sunspear could do it. Yeah. That's right. I just called you a dumb coward. Even if I told you how to find it, you'd just get lost. Oh, you gonna cry now? Fine. I dare you to find my treasure. No, I double dog dare you!"
Yes Accept: "I'll take up that challenge, little man. No one double dog dares me and gets away with it!"
No Decline: "Go away kid, You bother me!"
Ask Ask: "You've got your instructions. You'll get no more hints from me. It's up to you to follow the clues and find my treasure. Don't expect me to hold my breath, though."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Behrdos: "Hey. Hey you! What do you want? Get out of here!"
Behrdos: "You heard me. Go. Get! I've had enough of your face already, so move along."
Behrdos: "I've had enough visitors. Gah! Why can't you people leave me be? This is starting to make me angry."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Bobo! You found him. I guess I underestimated you. I'll keep that in mind should we meet again."


  • Bobo is the name of Mr Burns's bear on the Simpsons.
  • The latter clues about the huge boulder and the treasure hidden in the "lee of the stone" may be a reference to The Secret of Nimh.