The Cyclone Palace

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the landmark, see Cyclone Palace.
The Cyclone Palace
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Elder Jurdu
in Beknur Harbor
Preceded by Assault on Beknur Harbor
Followed by Double Dog Dare
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
The Cyclone Palace map.jpg
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The goal of this quest is to kill a skale boss. Head to the building in the water at the southeastern corner of Mehtani Keys.

Quest information[edit]





After the Assault on Beknur Harbor, talk to Elder Jurdu to get this quest. Travel to Mehtani Keys and head to the Cyclone Palace in the southeastern corner. Pull the numerous level 13 Skale Blighters and level 4 Ridgeback Skale group by group. Finally, attack and kill the Skale Lord, who is grouped with Skale Lashers and Frigid Skale. Be careful of possible spike damage from the combined Ice Spear of all the Frigid Skale.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Jurdu
"[Difficulty: Master] The skale armies are on the run! Now is the time to strike at their heart and remove this threat from our doorstep once and for all. We've heard reports the armies are commanded by a skale leader who is far more intelligent than the rest. In fact, he may have some sort of magical control over them. I paid some corsairs a huge sum to discover the location of this leader. It seems he's taken up residence at the Cyclone Palace in Mehtani Keys. If you can destroy the leader, I'm sure the skale armies will disband."
Yes Accept: "Cut off the head and the body will fall. Yes. An excellent plan!"
No Decline: "The Cyclone Palace is at the far end of the Keys. Perhaps they will stay there."
Ask Ask: "Find the skale leader at the Cyclone Palace in Mehtani Keys and destroy him before he rallies the skale army for a counter-attack."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Jurdu
"With the leader of the skale army destroyed, I don't think we'll need to worry about them for a very long time. Well done, «name»! We are forever in your debt."