Assault on Beknur Harbor

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Assault on Beknur Harbor
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Elder Jurdu
in Beknur Harbor
Preceded by Moa'vu'Kaal, Awakened
Followed by The Cyclone Palace
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)

Quest information[edit]



  • Speak to Elder Jurdu when all members of your party are ready to defend Beknur Harbor
  • Defend Beknur Harbor from the attacking amphibian army. 6...0 waves of attackers remain.
  • See Elder Jurdu for your reward.



You will begin in an explorable version of Beknur Harbor and a countdown timer will start. Once the timer ends, the gates to the harbor will open and the first wave of Skale will rush in. A good tactic would be to bottleneck them in the opening of the gate with your melee fighters and hit them with AoE damage. This will kill off the lower level foes quickly and allow you to target the higher level ones. You need to be careful not to let them mob your casters and monks because with so many foes it is difficult for your casters to run away. Once the first wave starts, there will be constant waves of Skale until the quest ends, so be sure to have proper energy management and healing to endure the assault. The Skale Blighter can be particularly nasty because they carry Rotting Flesh and will spread disease quickly throughout your party. Consider bringing sufficient Condition removal to combat this. The last group to spawn will have Glug Klugg in it, finishing him and his small group will end the quest and you will be automatically returned to the Harbor.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Jurdu
"[Difficulty:Master] It seems the skale have become more enraged over the death of their god, Moa’vu’Kaal. They followed your trail back to the village. Many of the farmers and fisherman out in Issnur Isles have fled to the village with reports of massive horde of skale headed toward us. We haven’t a moment to lose. You defeated their god. Will you now help defend the village against their army?"
Yes Accept: "A Sunspear always faces battle with honor!""
No Decline: "Can’t you people handle any problems on your own?"
Ask Ask: "Your entire party will leave this outpost and be taken to the front line in the battle against the attacking skale army. Are you sure your party is ready to defend Beknur Harbor?"

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Elder Jurdu
"The skale army is in full retreat! We crushed their assault and left them in total disarray! I will be sure to inform your superiors of the wonderful feats of heroism you performed here while protecting the common folk of this village. You are a true hero! Thank you again, friend. You are welcome here any time."


  • This is one of the more challenging quests in the game, depending upon your character and build, since there are large waves of enemies which never seem to stop coming. Having a minion master and an AoE Elementalist (or two) helps quite a lot.
  • If you're having trouble taking on all groups at once, then once the gates open, head out to the far left and take out the groups that spawn there first. Then pull the group inside the gate to the far right and repeat. Finally, take out the groups that spawn in the middle.
Bug Bug.If you let one of the first few waves inside, the quest will not progress, although the monsters will still come. After you go back and defeat the wave inside, groups of 4 or so creature waves follow for the remainder of the quest.