Kupungu Village

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Kupungu Village
Kupungu Village.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Istan
Type Landmark
Kupungu Village Map.jpg
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A large village located along the northern coast of the keys, the home of fishermen and expert boatmen. The villages inhabitants also scavenge the beaches for lost supplies and are not above acting as wreckers, luring unsuspecting ships to run aground.


Kupungu Village is a reasonably sized village that sits on the northern-most island in Mehtani Keys, and contains a few services, a resurrection shrine, and many Istani villagers. Many of the houses in the settlement are raised on stilts, some fishing nets are strung out above the beach, a few shorewatchers patrol the area, and an Istani boat is docked here. Adventurers will pass just outside here during the Isle of the Dead quest, although this Istani village is otherwise just used by adventurers for the merchant located here.

Getting there[edit]

To reach Kupungu Village, leave Kodlonu Hamlet into the Mehtani Keys and head east and a bit south until you reach a wooden bridge running more or less north-south. Cross this and continue almost due north, and you will have reached the village.





Other allies[edit]

Charmable animals[edit]

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