Isle of the Dead (quest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the guild hall, see Isle of the Dead.
Isle of the Dead
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by First Spear Dehvad
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Preceded by Jokanur Diggings
Followed by Bad Tide Rising
Type Primary quest
Isle of the Dead (quest) map.jpg
Nerashi's Squad and Beknur Harbor
Isle of the Dead (quest) map 2.jpg
Issnur Isles undead groups
Isle of the Dead (quest) map 3.jpg
Mehtani Keys undead groups

Some undead slipped out during the visit at Fahranur. Clean up the mess. This quest serves as an introduction to the southeastern areas of Istan.

Quest information[edit]



  • Seek out Nerashi's Squad.
  • Hunt down the undead that escaped from the First City. They are drawn to human settlements.
  • Clear the ancient undead from Issnur Isles. You have [4..0] of 4 groups remaining.
  • Purge the ancient undead from Mehtani Keys. You have [3..0] of 3 groups remaining.
  • See First Spear Dehvad for your reward.



Head out southwest from Champions Dawn to the Cliffs of Dohjok and help Nerashi, Lonai and Ahtok fend off two groups of Ancient Undead who will already be engaging them when the party arrives. Once they are finished, speak with Nerashi and make way to Beknur Harbor.

You should increase your party size. Go through the outpost out into the Issnur Isles, kill the 4 groups of undead as indicated on the map to the right. Then head to the Mehtani Keys, where 3 more groups of undead await.



Cliffs of Dohjok

Humans (Order of the Sunspears)


Cliffs of Dohjok


Issnur Isles


  • Warrior 15 Ancient Undead
  • Necromancer 15 Ancient Undead
Mehtani Keys


  • Warrior 15 Ancient Undead
  • Necromancer 15 Ancient Undead


Initial dialogue[edit]

First Spear Dehvad
"I don't know if you heard, but undead that were sealed within the First City are now roaming the countryside! This is terrible. We have to track them down before someone gets hurt. If a Kournan or Vabbian got killed on Istani soil...well it would be bad. Really bad. The problem is we don't know where they are. A fellow Sunspear, Nerashi, has left with a squad for the Cliffs of Dohjok to investigate. They might have more information. If you can, go help them hunt down these undead."
Yes Accept: "Hunting undead? Groovy!"
No Decline: "Don't I need some special weapon to fight undead?"
Ask Ask: "I wish I could point you in the right direction. Talk to Nerashi at the Cliffs of Dohjok. She may have found some way to track them."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"That was close! Thanks for your help! We found some undead in this area and put them to peace. They aren't that hard to find, once you know where to look. They yearn for life, so are drawn to human settlements and buildings. We've been checking all the farms and villages out here. We have this area under control. Could your team check the Issnur Isles and Mehtani Keys? Good luck!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

First Spear Dehvad
"It's amazing no one got hurt! Elder Suhl was pretty upset. He says Kormir is responsible since she's been poking around the ruins of Fahranur. He nearly dragged her in front of the council to answer for it. You managed to get things under control quickly so I am sure everything will be all right. But the fun never stops around here. A ship from Cantha, of all places, just docked. It's rumored to be carrying servants of Balthazar...the Zaishen."


  • "Hunting undead? Groovy!": in the film Army of Darkness, Ash Williams battles the undead and says "Groovy" at one point of the film.
  • This quest shares its name with a location in Homer's poem Odyssey.