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Ok... these are just my own personal Rants and Raves. These are opinions, and have nothing to do with policy, or anything else, I just wanted a space where I could just vent. If my opinions spark discussion on the Discussion page here, that's cool... just please don't flame or vandalize.
A response to Armond
A one day block for a first time block is totally appropriate. Blocks lengthen with repeat offenses. But even so, I don't see that there WAS any offense to be blocked for in the first place... a slightly heated discussion on a talk page that was primarily between two users happen all the time on GWW. The fact that it had ended long before the block was placed to supposedly end a disruption gives it a bit of a fishy smell. But I sat it out, did not proxy a sock puppet or in any other way try to circumvent my ban. With the exception of a heated statement on Pling's RfR, I have not been involved in any even slightly controversial topics until now, and I am in no way disrupting, or abusing my status as a sysop by participating in the policy page discussion. Why you consider me being treated with some "special" status is beyond me. I have asked the two bureacrats who remained after DE's resignation to come to some sort of resolution of my arb com repeatedly in the weeks since it has been opened to no avail. I believe that Tanetris has been ill, and not feeling up to dealing with it. That an IP who has a grand total of 12 contributions here, mostly of a trollish nature, feels I have been a continuous troll, and an unproductive sysop who rarely uses the tools granted me is something of a farce... even YOU have to recognize the ridiculousness of that.

The fact that this entire witch hunt has taken any enjoyment out of not only participating here but also playing Guild Wars really sucks. The fact that I can't participate in any meaningful discussions here because inevitably someone drags it into the topic also sucks. That my 39,455 contributions to GWW are seen as irrelevant says more about the state of this community than anything else I can think of. Believe me, at this point if I could remove them all I would, unfortunately that's just not possible. That number does not include the number of pages I have deleted or those I have protected with my sysop tools. Nothing I have done has been an abuse of those tools, I don't think any of the blocks I have placed were outrageously inappropriate. I believe the non abuse of sysop tools was Auron's complete and successful defense argument in his last RfR, so why should I be treated any differently? If anyone thinks that in the weeks that have passed since this all started that my anger has abated in any way, they should think again.