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ArenaNet has stated that they will "no longer be releasing any new content for the live game except in support of automation". This means that they are unlikely to use any suggestions for new Guild Wars content.
Users intending to submit suggestions for Guild Wars 2 should use the Guild Wars 2 Forums instead.
This area of the official Guild Wars Wiki has been designed with submission licensing that gives ArenaNet the ability to take your ideas and incorporate them into the game if they choose.
Only feedback in this area can be used by ArenaNet.
Please read the Terms of Use for more details.
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Welcome to the feedback area!
This was the hub for all kinds of feedback to ArenaNet. If you've found a bug, think that a skill is over/underpowered, or just have a bunch of great ideas about how you think Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 could be made better this was where your voice could have been heard!
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Game suggestions

As registered users of the Guild Wars Wiki, you can let ArenaNet know what you think should be added to or changed about Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2. In order to begin doing this, you will first have to create your own userpage in this namespace. For more on how to do this, please visit our page on getting started...

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Help and other feedback