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ArenaNet has stated that they will "no longer be releasing any new content for the live game except in support of automation". This means that they are unlikely to use any suggestions for new Guild Wars content.
Users intending to submit suggestions for Guild Wars 2 should use the Guild Wars 2 Forums instead.

Welcome to the Feedback namespace!

This page includes the instructions for starting your feedback area and for creating a suggestion so that it gets automatically added to the suggestion lists. These lists are used by wiki users, including ArenaNet staff, to browse through player ideas. Any user, including ArenaNet staff, can then go to your idea page from these lists and read the details of your idea, and comment on the talk page for that idea if they wish. And because of the new licensing terms for this area, an ArenaNet staff member may even choose to incorporate your idea into the game.

Before you can submit suggestions you have to create your own homepage within the Feedback namespace. Once you have done that, you can begin to create subpages for each idea you have. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step one: Read the rules[edit]

If you don't have an account here, please create one now. Then come back and review the rules. The most important ones are

  • ArenaNet can only accept suggestions officially from registered users, so we are forced to remove any by unregistered users.
  • You have to follow certain syntax and guidelines (veterans will try to help you with those, if you get stuck, but we sometimes have to remove a suggestion if we cannot figure out what was meant).
  • Submit your suggestions in good faith.

However, please read them all: in the rare case that someone repeatedly violates the rules, their editing privileges can be suspended (i.e. a temporary ban).

Step two: Create your userpage[edit]

(scroll down)

By creating your user-specific page within the Feedback namespace, you agree to follow the guidelines and rules for submission of suggestions and other materials within the namespace, including agreeing to the different licensing terms for materials posted here.

Enter your username (case-sensitive) below
and click the "I agree" button:

Step three: Read and comment on other suggestions![edit]

We encourage you to read other suggestions posted by other users before you begin submitting your own. This does three things:

  • It shows you what has already been suggested, so you won't have to reinvent the wheel.
  • It lets you explore other ideas, which could in turn provide you with inspiration for your next big, world-changing idea.
  • Commenting on other users' suggestions will give the ArenaNet developers a better idea of how strongly the community feels either for or against an idea.

Step four: Create a suggestion[edit]

Naming your suggestion[edit]

Enter a title for your suggestion in the box on your new Feedback userpage: this is how your entry will display in lists of suggestions, helping people decide whether to read your suggestion.

  • It should be no more than 40 characters (the approximate limit of what people will see).
  • It should give others an idea of the contents.
    • "Best idea ever!" might sound nice, but tells readers nothing about what your idea is and will not entice others to take a look at your idea.
    • Similarly, too much detail can also keep people from reading. For example, "Making a new system of interpreting player skill use to change the metagame" will also attract few readers because it fails to capture the essence of the idea.

Suggestion template[edit]

After you type in your title and press submit, the next thing you will see if a long set of instructions explaining the required syntax. Please read them carefully before scrolling down the edit box.

In the edit box itself, you will see some text — do not delete it. This is the required template that enables your suggestion to be sorted, categorized, and show up in the various lists of suggestions.

  • The rules at the top (that you were supposed to read first) include explanations for each part of the template.
  • Category names can be easily copied from the rules to the edit box, since spelling counts.
  • If you make a mistake, it can be fixed later (although you might see some ugly warning messages).

After the template, you can (finally!) start writing up your actual suggestion, in the area that includes "Your suggestion text goes here..." (and yeah, you can delete that line). Some people prefer to start typing their suggestion; some prefer to fill out the template first. Either way, you can always change the text later.

Use the Preview button to check to see if the page is going to look the way you want. If it does, click the Save page button (if not, keep editing).

  • If there's a problem with the template, you will see that ugly warning message and should try to fix it. (If you have trouble with that, a veteran contributor will likely come along and try to help, if you have otherwise fleshed out the suggestion.)
  • If all is well, then your suggestion is now part of the wiki and can be found in the various lists and categories. (On rare occasions, you might have to first purge the wiki's cache by clicking on the clock on the top of your screen.)

It's not working[edit]

If you are still having problems creating your suggestion pages, Help:Creating a game suggestion page has more detailed instructions, including available categories.