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Feedback Frequently asked questions
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What is this?[edit]
This is the Feedback section of the official Guild Wars Wiki. This section is designed specifically as a place for the player community to provide feedback directly to ArenaNet about Guild Wars. That includes any bug reports, skill feedback, suggestions for making Guild Wars better, and even suggestions and comments regarding the Guild Wars Official Website, as well as a link to support questions.
Why a Feedback section?[edit]
Due to licensing issues, ArenaNet cannot comment on or use any player feedback provided under the common GFDL wiki licensing terms. To rectify this issue, this section has been created under a modified license, which allows ArenaNet staff to both read and comment upon player made suggestions. This means that only the feedback provided in this section of the wiki can be used and commented on by ArenaNet staff.
How does the licensing here differ from the rest of Guild Wars Wiki?[edit]
In all other sections of Guild Wars Wiki, user submissions are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 (GFDL) and copyright is retained by the user who has posted it. Feedback submitted by users here will become the intellectual property of ArenaNet. This makes it possible for them to comment on, further develop, and potentially implement users' ideas into the game. For more information see the Terms of Use page.
Will ArenaNet read and comment on every suggestion?[edit]
No, ArenaNet staff will not be able to read and comment on every suggestion (in this namespace or elsewhere). ArenaNet staff will only be able to participate on the wiki during their own private time. However, despite their intensive workload, they continue to maintain presence on this wiki, have stated that once in a while they still read the suggestions provided in the feedback space and have previously commented on a few. We also know that many changes in Guild Wars have been inspired by user feedback.
Is this the only place I should make suggestions?[edit]
There are many other places to make suggestions, such as the many Guild Wars fansites. The Feedback namespace is just one of many ways to get in touch with ArenaNet. This is, however, the only place on the official Guild Wars Wiki you should be making suggestions.
How can I submit my suggestions?[edit]
To submit a suggestion, you must be a registered member of Guild Wars Wiki. If you are already a registered user, the first step is to create your own feedback userpage. This page will be used to link to all of your Guild Wars and is vital to ensure your suggestions get listed on one or more of the various suggestion lists that the ArenaNet staff and other users can use to browse through player suggestions. If you do not create your own userpage within this namespace, then you will not be able to post suggestions that can be viewed in any of these lists. For more on how to do all of this, please go to our page on Getting Started.
Can't I just pick my favorite developer and tell them my suggestion/bug/etc?[edit]
No, the best way is to refer them to your suggestion in the Feedback namespace. The Feedback namespace is organized the way it is so that information can be easily accessed by the relevant ArenaNet staff. Posting on Linsey's page, for example, means that Linsey needs to read it, decide if it's an issue for her or not, figure out who it should be going to, then either pass it on to that person or respond that it should go to that person. This wastes her time and your time before it ever even gets to the right person. ArenaNet staff's talk pages are in the Feedback namespace because inevitably there will be certain cases of people posting it here anyway, and for some occasional, non-complex matters, this may be fine as long as it doesn't get out of hand. However, Admins and sysops do reserve the right to move or simply delete suggestions, bug reports, and other feedback that are posted to ArenaNet staff's talk pages. This has nothing to do with the particular feedback or editor; it's just a matter of keeping things organized.
How can I remove my suggestion?[edit]
If your suggestion has been added to the game, is no longer relevant to the current state of the game, or you no longer wish your suggestion to be listed, add "{{delete|The reason you want your suggestion removed}}" to the page.

What about suggestions for Guild Wars 2?[edit]

Guild Wars 2 has its own feedback sections in the official forums of the game: Game Discussion (requires login using Guild Wars 2 credentials).