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ArenaNet Image This page includes the most recent Developer Update, as well as an archive of previous semi-official announcements, clarifications, and news from the developers.

An update on Guild Cape Trims[edit]

By Stephen Clarke-Willson, Game Director, Guild Wars

Hello Tyrians! We've changed how gold guild cape trims are awarded. Previously winning the Monthly Automated Tournament was the mechanism for getting a gold trim. We've changed the system so that guilds can purchase gold trims from Tolkano with Tournament Reward Points like other trim colors.

We accidentally shipped part of this update in June: Monthly Automated Tournaments no longer rewarded the gold trim. Unfortunately, the corresponding change to allow purchase from Tolkano was not shipped at the same time. We had intended to ship those changes together with a notification about the change. The release today fixes that situation by allowing Tolkano to sell gold cape trims.

I apologize for any inconvenience and confusion.