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Info-Logo.png Note: This is the feedback page for game updates. To provide feedback on these updates that the Developers can use, please go to the talk page for the individual feedback listed on the right.

This list contains all recent updates as published by ArenaNet. If there are undocumented changes, they are listed in a section titled "Guild Wars Wiki notes" under the related update.

Update -- June 20, 2019[edit]


  • Performed server maintenance.

Update -- June 12, 2019[edit]


  • Fixed a server crash.
  • Fixed a client crash.
  • Added a new startup command, "-prefresetlocal":
    • This command will reset all preferences that are stored locally in the game's .dat file.
    • This command can be utilized to debug issues launching the game.
  • Discontinued support for Windows Games Explorer.


  • Added a new “Rename” option to the Friends List. You may now set nicknames for friends in your Online, Offline, and Ignored lists.


  • Removed support for DirectX 8.
  • The client will now default to using Windowed Fullscreen after installation.

Update -- May 8, 2019[edit]


  • Fixed several server crashes.


  • Vertical Sync will now take precedence when the Frame Limiter option is enabled with a frame-rate limit equal to the monitor’s refresh-rate.


  • Unflagging heroes will no longer result in a disconnect.

Update -- May 2, 2019[edit]


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Lock Compass Rotation option to be inadvertently enabled.


  • The final map in Heroes’ Ascent is now accessible once again.

Update -- May 1, 2019[edit]


  • The Augur of Kormir costume has returned to the Official Guild Wars Store.


  • Added a Master Volume slider.


  • Increased the frequency at which movement direction is updated when holding and dragging the left mouse button to walk.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to rotate in a seemingly random direction when the player character stops after having held the left mouse button to walk.


  • Added a new option to lock compass rotation.
  • Added an in-game clock.
    • The new clock has 3 different modes: Off, Local Time, and Server Time.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent character name floaters from properly updating their color and guild tags, most commonly after changing maps.
  • Fixed an NPC pathing behavior issue.
  • Fixed a server crash.
  • Fixed a client crash.
  • Fixed a client/server desync related to movement.
  • Refactored the Options panel to better handle resizing it.


  • Renamed the "Advanced" option to "Enhanced Draw Distance" to better self-document its functionality.
  • Added a new "Windowed Borderless" resolution mode.
    • This mode functions similar to the "Windowed Fullscreen" mode, but keeps the Windows Taskbar visible.
  • Added a Frame Limiter option.
    • The Frame Limiter functionality has been improved and will now more accurately target the desired FPS.
    • The Frame Limiter has 4 modes: None (no limit), 30 FPS, 60 FPS, and Monitor Refresh Rate, which uses your primary display's refresh rate as the target FPS.
    • This option will be overridden with the preexisting -fps command line argument, which will continue to function as it did previously.


  • Fixed a server crash.
  • Fixed a client crash
  • Reverted change to the number of henchmen in a party in Heroes Ascent
  • Reverted balance changes to a few skills

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