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Matthew Moore, former ArenaNet designer.

Designer, editor, demo driver, quiz host, and writer of "Spawn the Dragon." Designer for the GW Live team, helping with Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Formerly a member of ArenaNet QA. Previously worked on Dino Run, Halo Wars, and Pendulous. Departed in April 2014 after four and a half years of rocking and rolling.

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"Spawn the Dragon" is available as a free download at Last.FM. I've chosen to make it available using the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Download it, share it, play it on the radio, make cover versions, do whatever. If you're using it for an ArenaNet-related contest or something, then I'll waive the "noncommercial" provision, so your work can be used in marketing materials and the like. Otherwise, don't sell it: we kill the dragon not for money, but for glory.