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The following is a family tree of the Canthan Imperial line, showing all the known descendants of Kaineng Tah.
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510BE / 0CC
Unnamed wife
Kaineng Tah
1st emperor
Originally known as Kaing, he was the warlord that united the Canthan clans together and founded the Dragon Empire in 510 BE. Died mysteriously while hunting.
Thirty favored concubines
Unnamed elder sister
Fate unknown, but vanish from the record weeks after Yian Zho took the mantle of emperor.
Unnamed elder sister
Fate unknown, but vanish from the record weeks after Yian Zho took the mantle of emperor.
Unnamed younger brother
Yian Zho
2nd emperor
Led a crusade against the Luxons, and went to war against the Kurzicks. In the end, both the Luxons and the Kurzicks were made vassal states.
Unnamed wife and many concubines
Over two hundred sons and daughters
Several dozen children
1AE / 511CC
Chang Hai
11th emperor
First of the Canthan Emperors to become "Weh no Su" (Ascendant Emperor).
221AE / 731CC
23rd emperor
Cruel dictator, held mass public executions and heavy taxation. Murdered in a fire, started by rebels, that burned down the old Raisu Palace.
694AE / 1204CC
24th emperor
Commissioned the rebuilding of Raisu Palace. Granted the stewardship of the Battle Isles to the Zaishen Order.
25th emperor, unnamed
"It would fall to Senvho's successor to begin making right the inequities of Canthan society, an effort that would ultimately (in this scholar's view) fail."
~ Loremaster Ermenred
26th emperor
Assassinated by Shiro Tagachi on the final day of the Harvest Festival.
Shiro Tagachi
Originally a loyal and ambitious guardsman and a descendant of Kaineng Tah. Was noticed by Emperor Angsiyan who appointed him as his personal bodyguard. Shiro later turned against Angsiyan and assassinated him on the last day of the Harvest Festival in 872AE, but was also killed himself shortly after.
872AE / 1382CC
27th emperor
Youngest emperor in Canthan history at age 17. Was instrumental in preventing the empire from falling into chaos following the devastation of the Jade Wind.
28th emperor, unnamed
Hanjai's successor

Described as a petty, small-minded man ill-suited to ruling the Empire. He formally dissolved the longstanding trade agreements with the northern kingdoms and denounced Cantha's ties with the Kurzicks and Luxons. His reign marked the beginning of the most isolationist period in Canthan history. Created the Dragon Festival.
29th emperor, unnamed
Unnamed wife
30th emperor
Died of old age. Mainly remembered for reopening trade and diplomacy between Cantha and Tyria. Conversed with Loremaster Ermenred during this period. Also known as a "man of the people".
The favored concubine of Emperor Kintah.
Chan the Dragon's Blood
A distant, disowned relative of Emperor Kisu.
31st emperor
Sovereign ruler of a population of several hundred thousands. Respected and beloved by the Canthan people and considered a wise and benevolent ruler, though he was more withdrawn than his father.
15 years older than his half-brother Kisu.
32nd emperor
Spent millions in platinum to arm his troops and defeat the warring Luxon and Kurzick factions. Unified the Canthan nation behind a strong national identity and began to remove all non-humans from Cantha.

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