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Emperor Hanjai (born 855 AE; 1365 CC) was the 27th Canthan Emperor (872 - 902 AE; 1382 - 1412 CC) and son of Emperor Angsiyan.[1] As a kid, he was kidnapped by conspiring ministers in 865 AE (1375 CC), when he was just ten years old. He was rescued by the Imperial guard Shiro Tagachi, who killed the conspirators and their henchmen in front of the boy, before mounting their heads before the Celestial Ministry without Emperor Angsiyan's orders.[2] At the age of 17, Hanjai was forced to take the throne after the Jade Wind and the assassination of his father by Shiro Tagachi, making him the youngest emperor to ascend to the throne.

Forced to rule the empire during a time of great turmoil, Hanjai moved farmers to Shing Jea Island and opened Kaineng City's gates to any who wanted to move in from the south, leading to the massive over-population and expansion of modern Kaineng City. He recalled Canthan diplomats, while foreign trade faltered and eventually diminish with the rise of pirates that would form the Crimson Skull, leading to Cantha becoming isolated from the rest of the known world.[1] During this time of turmoil, it is said that Hanjai prayed to the ancients, and his prayers were answered in the form of a mighty celestial dragon that descended and assured him Cantha would rise once more, inspiring him in restoring the land.[3] This would lead into the creation of the Dragon Festival, celebrated every year in honor of the Celestial Dragon and to celebrate the Empire's survival of the Jade Wind.

By 880 AE (1390 CC), the actions that Hanjai took to save the empire began to result in rising tensions with the tengu of Shing Jea Island, as Canthans began to settle lands that the Angchu and Sensali always believed to be their domain. What began as small skirmishes began to threaten into becoming all out war after a Sensali warriors razed a village to the ground. Outright war was prevented under Hanjai's reign due to the efforts of Emperor Hanjais' personal ambassador and a wise, old Angchu. Though the Sensali would continue hostilies to both Canthans and now Angchu.[4][5]

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