Emperor Hanjai

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Emperor Hanjai (born 855 AE) was the 27th Canthan Emperor (872 - 902 AE) and son of Emperor Angsiyan. He is known as the youngest emperor to take the throne at the age of 17. After the Jade Wind and the assassination of his father by Shiro Tagachi, Hanjai moved farmers to Shing Jea Island and opened Kaineng City's gates to any who wanted to move in from the south, leading to the massive over-population and expansion of modern Kaineng City. He recalled Canthan diplomats, causing foreign trade to falter and eventually diminish with the rise of pirates that would form the Crimson Skull, leading to Cantha becoming isolated from the rest of the known world. He also created the Dragon Festival to celebrate the Empire's survival of the Jade Wind, which became a major festival of the Canthan year.

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