Chan the Dragon's Blood

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Chan the Dragon's Blood
Chan the Dragon's Blood.jpg
Affiliation Am Fah
Type Human (boss)
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 24 (30)
Campaign Factions
Chan the Dragon's Blood map.jpg
Location in The Undercity

Chan the Dragon's Blood is an Am Fah boss that appears in The Undercity. He is often seen with a group of Canthan Peasants. He is the second most wanted Am Fah by the Jade Brotherhood and is a distant, disowned relative of the emperor.



15 Blood Magic, 15 Curses

Items dropped[edit]


  • If you go near him, he will walk all the way to the south-eastern corner of the Undercity, near Mina Shatter Storm.
  • He will not spawn after speaking to Zenmai in Bukdek Byway and then entering the Undercity with her during Chasing Zenmai.