The Story of the White Mantle

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The Story of the White Mantle is part of the Guild Wars Beyond backstory of War in Kryta.


The White Mantle is a benevolent religious order formed years ago by the revered Saul D'Alessio. As the one True Government of Kryta, The White Mantle is devoted to spreading the tenets of the holy Unseen Ones and defending the land from evil.

Saul D'Alessio was a sinner. A gambler, drunk, and thief, Saul was exiled from Kryta for his many crimes. This deeply flawed individual was not seeking wisdom and atonement when he stumbled into the wilderness, but he found both in the Unseen Ones, glorious deities who revealed their secrets to him. After receiving their ancient wisdom, Saul D'Alessio emerged from the wilderness a transformed man, wearing a mantle of white to match the purity of his soul – for such is the transformative power of the Unseen Ones.

Saul revealed the teachings of the Unseen Ones to a Kryta ruled by decadent royalty, mired in the worship of false gods, and threatened by charr invaders. His message of hope took root and flowered during Kryta's darkest hour, when the rampaging charr horde threatened the land's survival. With an army of white-robed followers and the blessings of the Unseen Ones, Saul D'Alessio repelled the charr invasion—but sacrificed his life in the process. Today, citizens and residents of Kryta revere Saul D'Alessio as the man who died so they may live in freedom.

In the peaceful aftermath of the great war, the White Mantle assumed rightful control of Kryta and returned the land back to the people. It was a golden age of prosperity and peace. Each year the Mantle selected promising Krytan citizens to study under the Grand Masters at the Temple of the Unseen. Although the Chosen gratefully received this ultimate gift of enlightenment, blasphemous rumors about their fate spread among the ignorant.

A band of royalist rebels, the so-called Shining Blade, began making treasonous allegations and fanning the embers of discontent among the masses. These killers and malcontents skulked in the wilds, committing cowardly sneak attacks against the Mantle and avoiding honorable combat. The treachery of the royalist scum took a heavy price on the White Mantle. Many true servants of Kryta were cut down by heathen magic or a coward's blade in the back.

Today, the White Mantle may not be as numerous as we once were, but we have faith in the Unseen Ones and the power of the righteous. The Unseen Ones offer wisdom and peace to the believer—and death to the rebel and the heretic!

The Unseen Ones

They are the Bringers of Wisdom, the Eyes That Watch All, the Silent Saviors of Kryta. We call them the Unseen Ones, for only a blessed few can directly behold them without being driven mad by their unearthly magnificence. All others must receive the teachings of the Unseen Ones through their chosen emissaries, the White Mantle. To obey the White Mantle is to obey the Unseen Ones.

Blasphemous liars will claim that the Unseen Ones are not gods, but are rather demonic spellcasters. If you hear a fellow Krytan spreading such treason, report them to the nearest White Mantle member immediately for re-education.

Blessed Imagery

Important Figures

Confessor Isaiah

"Kneel before me, child."

The Exalted Leader of the White Mantle and Kryta, Confessor Isaiah is a kind, just ruler whose wisdom is only matched by his humble piety. A former disciple of the martyred Confessor Dorian, Isaiah now leads the White Mantle by following his dead mentor’s example.

High Inquisitor Toriimo

"The truth burns."

All Krytans respect and revere High Inquisitor Toriimo, a humble servant of the Unseen Ones. Toriimo ensures that justice is meted out swiftly and even-handedly in Kryta. The pure and just have nothing to fear from Toriimo, but woe to the conspirator and heretic!

Inquisitor Lovisa

“May the Unseen Ones watch over your family.”

Children across Kryta long for a visit from Inquisitor Lovisa to their village. She comes bearing sweets for the little ones and the wisdom of the Unseen Ones for their parents. Few Inquisitors are as well-loved and trusted as Lovisa!

Friends of Kryta


To help enforce the law and protect Krytans from the murderous Shining Blade, the White Mantle has enlisted volunteer Peacekeepers. You’ll find these courteous volunteers all over Kryta manning checkpoints, escorting caravans, assisting farmers, and searching for traitors.

Make sure to thank the next Peacekeeper you see for helping to keep Kryta safe!

Enemies of Kryta

The Pretender Salma

The Pretender, known as “Princess” Salma among traitors and heathens, persists in her illegitimate claim to the throne of Kryta. The daughter of a disgraced priestess, Salma now leads nothing more than a pack of outlaws and rebels lurking in the woods.

The White Mantle and True Government of Kryta advise all citizens that Salma and her cohorts are heavily armed and should be considered dangerous. Speaking with or aiding her in any way is an act of High Sedition.

The Shining Blade

The Shining Blade is a gang of cowardly thieves who prey upon innocent Krytans and undermine the law, order, and truth that form the pillars of our society. These royalist scum lurk in hidden bases deep in the woods, where they plot to seat the Pretender Salma on a throne of lies. Led by Bartholos the Butcher, The Shining Blade abducts able-bodied youth from Krytan farms to serve as slave soldiers and participate in obscene heathen rituals.

Conversation with Shining Blade operatives is not advised due to the risk of abduction and enslavement at their hands. Those who provide aid and succor to the Shining Blade are guilty of Sedition and will be treated like the traitors they are.

The Ebon Vanguard

Drawn by the smell of blood and misery, these Ascalonian jackals have come to Kryta to exploit the current unease for their own gain. The Shining Blade has hired these bandits to commit barbarous acts and to spread fear throughout the land. Ascalonians who have settled in Kryta may be sympathetic to the Ebon Vanguard and are to be treated with suspicion. Remember: consorting with the Enemy is an act of High Sedition!

Zinn and Blimm

The Pretender Salma and her Shining Blade scum have retained the services of a pair of asura named Zinn and Blimm, who have been conducting strange experiments for unholy purposes. Asura are untrustworthy, devious fiends. If you see one, do not speak to it, just back away slowly and report the creature to the White Mantle.

Proclamation of Public Safety

Whereas the Safety and Well-Being of the good people of Kryta have of late been threatened by the pernicious actions of an isolated band of Brigands and Rebels, we hereby decree new Protections for the Common Good.

First, no person shall be out of his or her home after sunset and before sunrise without a Wartime Nocturnal Activities Permit. Said permits shall be sought through petition of loyal Provincial Governors.

Second, travel across province boundaries shall be restricted to those with a Wartime Travel Permit. Said permits shall also be sought through petition of loyal Provincial Governors.

Third, no gathering of individuals shall exceed six people.

Insofar as these safety measures shall better permit the White Mantle to identify rebel activities and to protect the people of Kryta from the malicious intent of said rebels, the cooperation of all Citizens and Residents is required. Any person witnessing another in violation of these Laws must inform a White Mantle Justiciar posthaste so that the appropriate action may be taken.

The Truth is our greatest weapon.

Reward for Reporting Treason

Be it now known that any found to be spreading Lies in support of Treason or defending the actions of Traitors shall be found guilty of the High Crime of Sedition. Those so convicted shall be subject to internment in a re-education camp and confiscation of property.

Seditious Acts do include, but are not limited to the following: Spreading Blasphemous Rumors and Lies about the Unseen Ones, Giving Aid and Succor to Traitors, Withholding the Truth from duly appointed agents of the White Mantle, Failure to Feed and Properly House White Mantle agents, Possession of Contraband, Idolatry, Unauthorized Travel, and General Acts of Heresy.

If you know of anyone guilty of the aforementioned Seditious Acts, it is your solemn Duty to report such acts to the White Mantle immediately for a generous reward and the lasting favor of the White Mantle. Be advised that Failure to report Sedition is a Seditious Act in and of itself.

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